How to Make a Room Look Bigger with Paint

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Stress less about everything involved with making the most of a small space by learning how to make a room look bigger with paint. Of course, you’ll measure painstakingly to ensure furniture pieces fit and are properly scaled for the room size. Determining how to add optimal lighting is also a consideration. Finally, enjoy enhancing the entire home project with interior paint colors and a painting strategy to make the room look bigger with paint. Some helpful ideas to follow.

painted interior accent wall, windsor ctAn Artsy Way to Make a Room Look Bigger with Paint

Think contrasting colors to adopt arguably the artsiest answer to the question of how to make a room look bigger with paint. When you paint an accent wall, the possibilities for creativity expand, as does the mind’s perception of the room’s size. Painting an accent wall in a darker shade can both emphasize the room’s length or width and make it feel more expansive.

The way to make a small room look bigger with paint is to paint one wall a different color than the others. An accent wall draws the eye to one focal point, creating an optical illusion of more space in the room. A slight variation useful in rectangular rooms is to paint the two long walls a darker hue than the short ones.

The darker shade of an accent wall can mean either a couple of steps up from the paint color in the rest of the room or a starkly darker shade than the others.

Go Monochrome

Monochrome painting is when you use one color, though different shades of that one hue is also a type of monochromatic painting. If you paint a small space in one shade, it will open up the space and make it feel less crowded. For best effect, the trim, doors, and ceilings should be at least one shade lighter than your wall color.

For anyone who wants to know how to make a room look bigger with paint or even an entire home interior, choose monochromatic painting. The single hue gives any space a seamless look. It encourages the eyes to flow smoothly, whether from one room to another in a home or from one wall to another in a small room. You can go with light or dark paint colors. So, you may as well paint the enhanced space in one of your favorite colors!

ceiling paint, canton ctRaise the Ceiling with Paint

If the ceiling is a big reason a space seems claustrophobic, use paint to raise it. Designers use vertical stripes to create an illusion of greater height. Bright white ceilings give the room an upward appeal whereas dark-colored ceilings pull the eye back down to focus on a room’s walls, accessories, and furnishings.

Countless effects can be created using paint. Franklin Painting is known for making the most of the possibilities afforded through exterior and interior painting. We specialize in many interior faux painting styles that often make dreams for home interiors come to life. Of course, our paint specialists also know how to make a room look bigger with paint, achieving flawless appeal.

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