How to Choose Paint Color for a Sunroom

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A sunroom can be a lovely addition to any home. Open and bright, it can be a tranquil spot to spend the day or a great place to entertain on the weekends. The windows provide plenty of sunlight but what wall space remains can be tricky to paint. If your sunroom isn’t quite giving you the vibe you’ve dreamed of, here are some helpful tips to consider before painting.

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What is your end goal? What vision do you have in mind? A sunroom used as a playroom for children would have a different feel than one used as a sewing room for Grandma. Picture how you will use the space, what emotion are you trying to convey?

Lively and fun or relaxed and peaceful. Sunrooms by their very name are light and bright but do you want to use yours as a library or study and long for something less glaring? When you are considering paint colors focus on your end goal, and choose colors that will help you achieve it, rather than what is most popular at the time.

Top Tips

You may have the perfect color all picked out, but now, here are some tips to guide you as you begin your project.

  • Consider an accent wall. Yes, the view or the sun may be the star of the show, but an accent wall can help in very important ways. If you are a fan of bright bold colors, Great! The only problem is that painting the whole room your fabulous color, may cause your room to shrink. It will feel small and claustrophobic. However, concentrating that color on a feature wall allows you to showcase it, without making the room seem tiny or overpowered.
  • Buy paint with UV protection – Perhaps you’ve seen what the sun can do to paint from experience, if so, then you know it’s not pretty. Over time constant exposure to the sun can cause paint to fade into a sickly version of itself or cause peeling. Don’t let this happen to you, purchase interior/exterior paint with UV protection.
  • Collect swatches of your chosen color or do a “test patch” in your sunroom so that you can see how the color fares at different times of the day. A color you love in dim light may be too bright when the sun shines on it. The sun can also bring out the color’s undertones causing it to look completely different in full sun.
  • Always buy enough paint so that you can apply at least 2 coats, but experts would encourage more. Multiple coats of paint have several benefits including protection against moisture, temperature, and UV rays.

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