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A small sample of work done by Franklin Painting Franklin Painting employs experienced painting technicians who are skilled in a range of exterior painting services, including preparation, staining, carpentry, power-washing, wood repair and restoration.

Exterior painting requires a good knowledge of materials and surface preparation so that a new coat of paint can stand up against large swings in temperature, rain, snow, ice, and sleet. From paint stripping and power washing to refinishing and staining, our exterior paint services will give your home a brand-new look and fantastic curb appeal. Nothing tops the look of a finely painted and trimmed New England home. Since the changing seasons also dictate when we can work, scheduling your spring and summer painting with Franklin Painting LLC early in the year is essential.

Exterior Painting Work

Make a Big Impression

Check out the work we did on this 100-year-old home in Wethersfield! When our crew was working on the exterior painting of this magnificent home in a historic area of Wethersfield, neighbors, and townspeople were coming by to take pictures. The home had been painted white for 100 years, and the new look caught the attention of everyone familiar with the house. The owners loved the new look. Our professional paint technicians are here to help if you have any questions. From the preparation of the exterior of your home to the final coat of paint, we want to ensure that your entire experience is enjoyable. We know you'll love the final look of your paint project, and we are here to ensure that.

Photo Render

Photo Renderings

Our professional color consultant can offer a set of renderings once you choose Franklin Painting as your painting contractor. Based in Farmington, we serve Avon, Glastonbury, Simsbury, and central/coastal Connecticut. We will take photos of your home, and using a digitizing tool on the computer, we will identify all of the areas that will be painted. Then, we can input your color choices and create renderings to let you see how your project will look in several color combinations.

Let us help make the first impression of your home a great one. Whether the paint on your home is worn out or you're just ready for something new, you can trust us to provide superb services. Our exterior paint experience has helped us deliver exceptional results, and our attention to detail means homeowners can expect only the best when they hire us to complete their exterior painting projects. Did you know that a fresh coat of paint on your home's exterior can increase your house's value?

Before & After

Check out the "before-and-after" photos of this adorable tiny vacation home. A fresh coat of paint made all the difference, and our crews worked promptly to allow the homeowners to return to enjoying their favorite vacation spots.

Homeowners have their unique style, and exteriors can reflect that style. A new color can make a home's general appearance more sophisticated and elegant, charming and welcoming, or cozy and comfortable. When you choose Franklin Painting to complete your exterior painting projects, we will ensure that the outside of your home surpasses your expectations.

Larger projects, estates, and commercial buildings may require special lift access to expedite painting, especially when heights make ladder access too dangerous. Our employees are fully trained in lift operation and will never disturb any landscaping or structural features around your home.

On most homes, traditional ladder access and staging allow us to complete the painting project efficiently. We always use drop cloths over roof sections and shrubbery, leaving your home as clean as it was when we started.

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2024 Home Makeover: Mastering Exterior Painting Projects for Your House

We are your premier destination for mastering exterior painting projects and achieving the home makeover of your dreams in 2024. Our expert house painters specialize in selecting the perfect paint colors and exterior colors that will transform your house exterior into a stunning masterpiece. We use high-quality latex paint that is ideal for various surfaces, including aluminum siding, ensuring a durable and beautiful finish. Our comprehensive painting services include meticulous surface repair and precise paint application techniques. Trust Franklin Painting to elevate your home’s curb appeal with our professional painting solutions tailored to bring out the best in your home.

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Our Exterior Paint preparation includes:

  • We will thoroughly clean all surfaces to remove dirt and mildew before painting.
  • We will remove all loose paint, caulking, and glazing.
  • We use acrylic latex caulk, which has a manufacturer's warranty of at least 40 years, to coat and siliconize all gapped or failed caulking. If necessary, the glazing will also be replaced.
  • When doing the job, we cover driveways, walkways, and shrubbery- all areas for preparation or painting.
  • We will spot-prime bare wood where loose paint has been removed before any finish is applied unless Sherwin Williams Duration, which is self-priming, is specified.
  • We sand and check woodwork for imperfections, which, if large enough, will be sealed with wood filler. Then, the woodwork is sanded and primed before any finish is applied.
  • We generally remove vertical drainpipes (downspouts) but don't remove horizontal gutter systems. The gutters themselves can be painted.
  • We will clean work areas to your satisfaction when work is completed.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our two-coat work.

Franklin Painting LLC provides exterior house-painting services for homes in central Connecticut, including Avon CT, Farmington CT, Glastonbury CT, Hartford CT, Meriden CT, New Britain CT, Wethersfield CT and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exterior house painting often occurs less often than interior house painting, but we recommend that you paint your home’s exterior when it doesn’t reflect your personal standards any longer or if wood rot begins to occur.

Before all exterior paint projects, we recommend removing planters and any loose yard items that might be in the way. Our professional painting crews can move heavier items for you once we arrive.

Yes. Even if you don’t want a full exterior paint job, our professional painters can help with simple touch-ups to have your home looking fresh and new again.

Yes. Our painters are highly skilled to tackle the painting of stucco exteriors, including special membrane coatings for stucco.

Lawns, landscapes and gardens won’t get paint damage, but painters will — carefully — be walking through the beds. We greatly respect your property and will ensure that any exterior paint work completed won’t come with ruined gardens or lawns.

Our professional paint crews may use all of the above, as deemed necessary in order to complete your exterior painting project.

Yes. With proper preparation, homes painted with oil-based paint can be repainted with acrylic paint.

Yes. If it is prepared correctly. Aluminum or vinyl siding paint can actually outlast wood siding by as much as five times longer.

No. The homeowner should be available though at the beginning of the project to sort out any details and at the end of the project for a walk-through.

There could be any number of external factors contributing to this: age or type of the materials on the house, the weather or the type of prep done previously. If your home has serious peeling problems, call us today to find out how we can help.

We can repair damaged or rotted areas prior to starting your exterior painting project.

Yes. Beyond just painting the exterior of your home, we also paint or stain decks and fences to keep your property looking like the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Yes. After years of use and exposure to the elements, wood decks can begin to look dull. Our professional painting crew can re-stain your deck to have it looking brand new again.

Yes. Our highly skilled painting professionals can remove paint and stain it to restore its original appearance.

They can be treated like regular wood and painted or stained in order to get whatever look you are trying to achieve.

At least two coats are required to get a high-quality and durable exterior paint job. Our professional painting crew works quickly and efficiently to ensure that your project is completed in an acceptable amount of time.

In order to remove mildew before we can begin painting, we use chlorine bleach and a mild wetting agent followed by a medium-pressure rinse.

The best time to complete exterior house painting is from June until just before the first frost, which is usually late September. We recommend booking your summer exterior painting project early in the year because our schedules fill up quickly.

Exterior paint projects are always pressure-washed as part of the project. It ensures that the exterior paint adheres properly, giving you a durable and long-lasting exterior paint job.

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