Painting Mistakes That Make Walls Look Dirty

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Professional painters know things like the paint mistakes that can make your walls look dirty. The experts at Franklin Painting are known for the stunning work they do throughout central Connecticut. They work with and advise homeowners about things such as paint color, which can cause a murky appearance on walls. If you use the wrong supplies and/or techniques for painting, you could be disappointed instead of marveling at the lovely finish you hoped for. The following are painting missteps to avoid so that your walls look superb, not shabby.

Interior painting services Canton, CTToo-Light a Paint Color

Light-colored paint colors on walls, such as bright white, can be unforgiving. Many light paint hues do nothing to hide dirt or imperfections. Instead, grime and markings will stand out. Mid-tone neutral paint colors are ideal if you want brightness without bringing attention to messes or imperfections. You can’t go wrong with warm grays and greiges (gray and beige combined). Sherman Williams’ Agreeable Gray is an exquisite greige paint color, as is Magnolia Yarn, created by Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, and Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter HC-172. Gorgeous examples of warm grays include Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, Sherwin-Williams’ Repose Gray, and Behr’s Balboa Mist.

Cheap Paint

The saying “you get what you pay for” most assuredly applies when it comes to exterior and interior paint. An essential factor in any home painting project is to purchase only high-quality paint. The cost between cheap paint and the quality of paint recommended is often significant, such as a 50-dollar difference between the two. But the contrast between outcomes is even more weighty. The way paint performs, hides flaws, and lasts is determined by its quality. Better paint offers much better coverage and durability. Of the paint mistakes that can make your walls look dirty, using cheap paint is a doozy.

Tough-to-Clean and Sheen

The gloss or sheen of paint is a reference to the reflective appearance of the finish. How clean or dirty your walls look can be greatly affected by the paint’s glossiness. Due to the durability of semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes, they are easier to clean. Disclaimer, though! Glossier means less forgiving. Blemishes such as nail holes, cracks, patches, and dents will stand out in a very unflattering way.

Non-reflective flat and matte sheen paints require gentleness as far as cleaning, which should only involve light-handed scrubbing. As seems fitting, even though tougher to wash off, flatter finishes are more flattering because they have a cleaner appearance.

Scanty Prep Work

Preparing walls for painting is another essential step in getting the desired results. If you skip prep work such as cleaning and wiping down the walls and covering surface stains, there’s little hope for a great paint finish.

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