How To Hire a Painting Contractor

Professional Interior House Painting Services In Simsbury, CT

Professional Interior House Painting Services In Newington, CTAre you ready to give a boost to your interior space with fresh, new paint colors? To ensure a flawless question “how do you hire a painting contractor” is the one to ask. It’s not always easy to find reliable contractors, but Franklin Painting has been winning over Farmington CT area customers since 1986. In case you don’t live in Franklin Painting’s service area, tips on how to hire a painting contractor follow.

Check the Contractors’ Qualifications and References

Don’t put yourself through the hassle of hiring an unqualified or unreliable painting contractor. Check on insured and licensed statuses. If you have the time, visit past painting projects the contractor has done. Also, read local reviews and contact references. The information you gain should help you determine which prospective contractor is the best fit. Recommendations from friends and co-workers are usually the best starting point for finding the right painting contractor.

Ask Painting Contractors Certain Questions

Take the time to discuss things with painting contractors you are considering for your project. The following are questions to ask and answers to look for.

How long is your business history? It’s best to hire an established painting contractor who has been in business for a substantial number of years.

Can I see a portfolio of your past painting projects? If you are able to look at past work, it will help you determine whether a contractor has the skills you are looking for.

How long would it take for you to complete this project? Always get a rough estimate of how much time a painting contractor expects the job will take.

Is your work guaranteed? You can expect work that’s guaranteed because it is standard practice for reputable painting contractors.

What are your procedures? Find out what the painting contractor’s processes are, such as whether you can be home when the work is in progress.

What extra costs are typical? Additional charges are typical for various details, including the necessity of removing heavy furniture and painting very tall ceilings or walls, crown molding, and baseboards.

Will you provide a written estimate and contract? Reputable painting contractors always provide written estimates and make an agreement via a written contract. Information that should be included in the contract follows:

  • Terms of the project
  • Amount of the down payment
  • Payment structure
  • Terms of final payoff

Will you keep records of the painting project? Be sure the painting contractor you work with commits to keeping track of the hours painters work, the progress made on the job, and whether they are on schedule. This will help avoid having to go through a drawn-out ordeal before finally enjoying your renewed interior.

exterior home paint colors, Rocky Hill, CTWhat to Expect from a Standard Painting Contract

Verify what the painting contractor will do as part of the painting project. For instance, will the contract include protection and coverage of areas that aren’t painted, including cabinets, windows, floors, and counters? Will obstacles such as electrical plates, lighting, and doors be removed? Will primer be used? Can you count on two coats of paint being applied? Make sure quality paint will be used.

The type of surface preparations you can expect on a typical painting contract includes tapping in protruding nails, cleaning woodwork, light sanding, and scraping off loose paint.

Those who ask how to hire a painting contractor find that Franklin Painting delivers on every expectation. We serve residents throughout Farmington CT and the surrounding area. Fill out our contact form or call 877-646-7774 today.

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