Interior Painting Tips for a Flawless Finish


Painting your home’s interior may seem like a job for amateurs of all levels, but it is essential to gather pro interior painting tips for a flawless finish. Producing expert results requires certain skill and know-how. That’s why painters like the professionals at Franklin Painting LLC in Farmington CT are trusted by homeowners and business owners throughout the area for interior and exterior painting. The following are pro interior painting tips for a flawless finish to help do-it-yourselfers get the job done right.

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Buy High-Quality Paint Brushes and Roller Covers

The importance of buying high-quality brushes and paint roller covers cannot be over-emphasized. If, for example, you use a low-quality roller cover, it will leave lint and fuzz on the walls. When lint and other debris become embedded in the paint, the walls have a bumpy appearance. It is difficult to repair this issue. If you use paintbrushes of inferior quality, you end up with streaky brush marks on the surfaces. Of all the interior painting tips for achieving a flawless finish, this one is second to none.

Clean Certain Surfaces with Tack Cloth

Tack cloth is a handy, inexpensive tool used by professional painters. Cheesecloth with a coating of beeswax, tack cloth is ideal for removing debris off of cabinets, doors, and trim prior to painting. When removing wood shavings, sawdust, and more from these and other small areas, be careful not to press the tack cloth firmly against the surface. Unless used lightly, the beeswax can stick to the surface; unfortunately, removing it is difficult.

interior paint job, canton ctUse Painter’s Tape Liberally

Blue tape, known as painter’s tape, has qualities perfect for painting projects. Painter’s tape is a low stick adhesive tape that is unlikely to peel off existing paint or primer. Using the blue tape is a preventative measure to help you avoid future problems. Apply it liberally before you begin painting. Drag a putty knife across the tape to ensure a tight seal. This will prevent drips. Be sure to remove the tape before the paint fully dries so that no damage is done to the fresh coating of paint. 

Maintain a Wet Edge

Especially when you use semi-gloss or glossy paint, it is essential to maintain a wet edge while painting. You are wet edge painting when you make sure the last roll of your paintbrush does not dry before you overlap it with the next application of paint. 

Use Clean Tools

Cleaning the brushes is essential at the end of the day. A good tip if you will soon get back to the work is to either freeze them or wrap them. For freezing, wrap the roller or paintbrush in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer. Be sure the brush thaws out before painting again. If you prefer not to put your paintbrush in a food zone, simply wrap the brushes in plastic and store them at room temperature. Tightly double-wrap the brush or roller if you don’t plan to resume painting until the next day. 

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