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Tips to Spruce Up Your Home or Guest Rooms for the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to strategize getting your home ready for coming festivities. Instead of quickly grabbing a can of paint to give your interior a fresh backdrop for holiday décor, consider stepping back to determine where focus is needed and what you’d most like to achieve. You might want to invite a friend over to help, since it’s easy to overlook things you’re accustomed to seeing every day.
Does your kitchen need fresh paint? So much of the season revolves around favorite holiday foods, it could be an ideal room to rejuvenate. The entryway to your home is also a place to look over with a critical eye, since it’s the first thing people see when they enter your home. If you’re expecting overnight guests during the holidays, the spare bedrooms may need the most attention. Are the bathrooms and dining areas in good shape, or do they need refreshing with new paint for the holidays? Keep in mind that simply painting the trim or ceilings in your home could provide the impact you’re looking for.

Decide on your Holiday Theme

To really put some valuable forethought into your holiday renovation, decide on your theme and color scheme for decorating before doing any painting. It’s rarely practical to paint rooms specifically for an event or season, when it quickly needs to be redone once the holiday has passed. However, if you have the time and resources for such an endeavor, why not go for it? Even painting a room evergreen could potentially work with the decorations and accessories you’ll be adding. It all depends on the theme and overall color scheme you’ve chosen for the holidays.
If you’ll be taking the more practical approach of painting in a shade that will work year around, the color choices could still provide a stunning backdrop for your holiday decorating.

Consider Decorative Painting

Think outside the usual lines in regard to the finish on your interior walls. Adding paint alone can be gorgeous, but there are countless possibilities that could upgrade your holiday decorating plans. Choices include faux finishes, decorative painting, or wallcoverings done by professionals.
Techniques you might want to consider include striping, lettering, French glaze, antiquing, stucco, linen, and crackle. You can create elegance that may be lacking in the basic architecture of your home by allowing your walls, ceilings, and floors to become part of a canvas that will enhance your holiday plans for decorating. A mural may be the best seasonal enhancement.

Interior Painting for the Holidays

If you will be painting parts of your interior in preparation for the holidays, the best way to ensure professional workmanship is to hire painting experts. If your painting will be a do-it-yourself project, the following are some quick tips from pros that could help achieve the complementary finish you hope for, to make it a special holiday Interior Painting Franklin Painting CTseason:

  • Avoid painting when the air is humid. Wait for dry weather.
  • Properly prepare the surface to be painted. For example, sand and scrape areas that are peeling, flaking, or cracked.
  • Use high-quality equipment, including brushes, roller covers, and painter’s tape.
  • Before painting, remove outlet covers and light switches.
  • Protect everything that won’t be painted.
  • Use primer.
  • Box your paint, which means mixing all paint in one large container, to ensure uniformity of color.
  • Paint from bottom to top, to eliminate telltale drips.

The holidays will be more enjoyable as a result of your efforts to spruce up your home for the season. If you would like help from trusted professionals who can create the stunning holiday interior you are dreaming of, contact the experts at Franklin Painting today by calling (877) 646-7774.

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