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What’s the Best Color For My Guest Room?

franklin painting connecticutIf you’ve ever been an overnight guest in someone’s home, you know how important it is to feel comfortable and at-ease. It’s a new place, not your own, so you’re already going to making some adjustments. But in your new, temporary bedroom, you really don’t want to make any more adjustments than necessary. Well, guests staying in your home feel about the same way.

Of course the bed, dressers, closet and flooring and amenities like televisions, musical equipment, wall dressings and lighting all play a role in how comfortable a guest room feels. Paint, also, can have a lot to do with how welcomed your guests feel while in their room.

In determining how to paint your guest room, there are a few things to think about.

Size perception

If your guest room is on the lower end of the size scale (and most of them are), consider increasing its perceived size with the right paint colors.

Light, breezy colors tend to “open a room up” and make it feel more spacious. Smaller rooms can be transformed with off-whites and pastels. If, however, your guest room is on the larger side, and especially if it’s low on furnishings, consider going with deeper paint shades like royal blue, burgundy or brown. These darker colors will cause a room to feel less spacious and empty.


Consider how much natural light the guest room gets as well as the current array of indoor lighting. If light is sparse, you’ll want to paint the room with lighter colors, which absorb and reflect whatever light is available. If your guest room gets plenty of indoor and outdoor light, you’re probably safe going into darker paint shades to balance the light effect.

Also think about what the room will be used for. Will it be primarily a place to sleep, or will guests be working and lounging around in there? A sleeping room with a darker ambience is fine. A room with a lot of activity needs a little more light.

Calming effectPaint Colors Connecticut

It’s been demonstrated in numerous studies that color affects mood. Not everyone reacts to every color exactly the same way, but it’s generally accepted that people feel a sense of calm around low-key colors like off-whites, feathery blues and faded yellows. It’s also accepted that blazing reds, ultra-violet purples and explosive oranges can excite people internally.

Neither affect is necessarily good or bad, but for a guest room, you might want to err on the side of calming. In other words, a guest room isn’t the place to let your inner decorator run wild. It’s a place for other people to stay as they acclimate to a new temporary lifestyle while they’re living with you.

If you need help putting together just the right paint scheme for your guest room and then having the job done in a way that will absolutely amaze you, call Franklin Painting of Farmington, CT. We offer professional painting services for everything from cozy guest rooms to sprawling luxury homes. Get it done right by calling the experts at (877) 646-7774.

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