The Importance of Paint Removal

Paint Stripping and Paint Removal CT

Paint Stripping and Paint Removal CTA fresh coat of paint provides numerous benefits but without needed paint removal, the improvement won’t last. The biggest mistake when painting is failing to properly prepare the paint surface. Paint removal is highly recommended, in preparation for a new coat of paint. If the surface the new paint adheres to is a previous coat, it will peel far sooner than the paint correctly applied to a good surface. The necessity of another entirely new paint job will come sooner rather than later. As expensive as quality paint is and as much work as painting is, many are tempted to skip this crucial step because of the challenge of paint removal.

There are several options for how to achieve paint removal, the easiest of which is hiring professionals to get the job done for you.

Stripping Paint by Sandblasting

Paint stripping should be approached using various methods, depending on the type of surface the paint is being removed from. Sandblasting is an abrasive approach suitable for surfaces such as concrete and metal. It’s expensive but effective. Less abrasive particle blasting performed with finesse can achieve needed removal of paint and other types of coatings from plastics, fiberglass, aluminum, and sheet steel without warping, pitting, or etching the surface underneath.

A general rule is to test out your paint stripping method in a discrete area, to be sure there will be no serious damage to the surface.

Paint Removal with a Pressure Washer

A preferred method of paint removal on home exteriors and other similar surfaces is power washing or pressure washing. A pressure washer sprays water at a high pressure level, and it can remove paint from masonry and wood. Special care is needed, however. Inexperienced homeowners frequently make the mistake of using a pressure washer improperly and damaging the wood and siding on their homes. It’s best to start out using a wide nozzle spray to practice. Better yet, hire a professional to ensure that the job of paint removal is done correctly and that you won’t end up with unnecessary repair costs before you can apply the new coat of paint.

Chemical Paint Stripping

When a pressure washer doesn’t work, the use of chemicals may be required to get the job done. Industrial paint strippers are potentially hazardous chemicals, and the work needs to be done with special attention given to safety. Head-to-toe protection is needed. The hands and forearms are subject to the most exposure and should be protected with rubber gloves. Protective eye wear is also extremely important. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. After the work is done, it’s important to thoroughly wash off the chemicals. The substances used for paint stripping can burn the skin and cause irritation.


Paint Removal MethodsOther methods of paint removal that involve caution are sanding and scraping. If older paint is being removed, it may be important to wear a respirator. Older paint contains lead, and inhaling it can be very hazardous to your health.

Our professional painters have the equipment and supplies to make the important job of paint removal safe and easy. Contact us today for help with your exterior and interior paint projects.

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