Site Preparation

For interior paint and exterior paint projects...

...our professional painters provide full site preparation services in Avon CT, Berlin CT, Farmington CT, Glastonbury CT, Meriden CT, Rocky Hill CT, Simsbury CT, West Hartford CT, Windsor CT and surrounding towns. Site preparation is the first step in a successful project. Whether we're working inside or outside of your home, we'll take pains to ensure that your property is well-maintained and that the only evidence of our having been there is a beautifully painted area. Schedule an estimate online today for your next home improvement project.

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Our Exterior Paint preparation includes:

  • We will thoroughly clean all surfaces to remove dirt and mildew before painting.
  • We will remove all loose paint, caulking and glazing.
  • We use acrylic latex caulk, which has a manufacturer's warranty of not less than 40 years, to coat and siliconize all gapped or failed caulking. Glazing will also be replaced, if necessary.
  • We cover driveways, walkways, shrubbery -- all areas for preparation or painting -- when doing the job.
  • We will spot-prime bare wood where loose paint has been removed before any finish is applied, unless Sherwin Williams Duration, which is self-priming, is specified.
  • We sand and check woodwork for imperfections, which if large enough will be sealed with wood filler, then sanded and primed before any finish is applied.
  • We generally remove vertical drainpipes (downspouts), but don't remove horizontal gutter systems. The gutters themselves can be painted.
  • We will clean work areas to your satisfaction when work is completed.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction for all of our two-coat work.
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