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Painting Your Stairs is a Great Interior Design Idea

Painted Stairs - CT Pro PaintersStairways get a lot of use and are permanently visible from lots of different areas within your home.  So why do you keep putting up with stairs that look boring and dull?  Assuming they’re not carpeted (or they are but you’re ready to pull off the carpet), why not think about painting them?  Painting your stairs is a great idea that will spice up the looks of virtually any interior.

Start with the paint

The sky’s the limit with choices of colors, which we’ll look at next, but first: it’s very important to purchase a paint that was designed for durability and foot traffic.  Sherwin-Williams Porch & Floor Enamel is a good example.  It’s resistant to dirt, washes easily, has a low-slip finish and comes in a satin texture with the ability to be tinted in a wide range of popular colors.

Speaking of color . . .

The painting of a staircase is actually the easy part of the job.  The part that requires some thought and imagination is deciding what color(s) to use.  One idea is to paint the stairs in the same color as certain accent colors in your home – such as nearby trim, molding, rugs, draperies, etc.

Ideally you want something that will blend in comfortably with the surroundings, but don’t feel you have to be boring.  Lots of stairs are painted in bold, vibrant colors with stunning effect.  On the other side, traditional jet black or stark white are great contemporary statement-makers.

Runners and dual colors

A runner, which is a length of carpeting that goes the length of the staircase but is narrow enough to leave bare stairs on either side, is a good way to further blend shades and textures on your stairway.  Light-and-dark combinations work well for this design idea.  Runners are functional as well as nice to look at.  If you have kids in the home or individuals with mobility concerns, partially carpeted stairs make for increased safety.

You might also consider painting the facing part of each step a different color than the flat sections to make an eye-catching path to the upstairs.  Some folks go so far as to paint or paste unique designs on the stair facings.

Painting basics

With any painting job, good practices must be observed in order to turn out a stunning finished product.  Key points include:

  • Thoroughly clean and sand all surfaces
  • Protect surrounding areas with drop cloths and painter’s tape
  • Use quality rollers and brushes
  • Take your time and pay attention to details
  • Follow the paint manufacturer’s guidelines on drying times

Painting your staircase - Central CTPainting your stairs is a great design idea to add color and flair to your home.  Be creative, get inventive, break out the elbow grease and get to work.  You’ll be amazed at the difference when you’re finished.

Franklin Painting of Connecticut believes every home can be more beautiful with the right paint and color combinations.  If you want a great new painted staircase – or a complete interior or exterior paint job – we’re here to help and advise.  Call us at (877) 646-7774.

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