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Painting Tips for Fabulous Interior Doors

interior door ideasWhen you think about it, most doors inside a home are pretty boring. They were created for a functional purpose – to open and close so you can get from one space to another. Often, interior doors are painted the same color as their adjacent walls. Sometimes they’re painted a contrasting color. But that’s about all the attention most people give to their doors.

You can be different! You can customize your interior doors and turn them into eye-catching works of art.


Use stencils to create a living theme

Imagine a door that looks like it leads into deepest, darkest outer space. Or one that serves as a showcase for hot classic cars. Or one with bright flowers and trees. All this and more is possible with some quirky stencils from your local crafts store and a little detailed brush work on your part. Your interior doors can each make a unique statement, or you can run a central theme throughout all your doors. The only limit is your imagination.

Create a curious pattern

If you don’t want the images on your doors to look like things that actually exist, why not go for an artsy rendering of repeated shapes or patterns? Squares, circles, thin lines, thick lines, triangles, ovals and any other kind of shape when covering all or part of a door will make a bold, attention-grabbing statement. You can find stencils for every type of shape you can think of.

Highlight recessed areas/borders

If your doors have recessed squares, stippling or other modifications, consider painting these areas a vibrant color to make them stand out. A light-colored door – especially if it’s similar in color to the adjacent wall – with sharply colored squares gives the impression of the highlights hanging in mid-air. Or go the other way and paint the highlight areas to match the walls and add intense color to the rest of the door surface. Don’t forget to include the door frame in your artistic modification.

Go bold

Consider one of the accent colors in the room where the door in question is located. Let’s say it’s a window frame painted in a faded rust. Take that accent to the extreme with a fire-engine-red door. Or contrast lime trim work with a powerful forest-green door. These two examples keep you within the main color family. But you can go in any direction you want. Faded-yellow trim/liquid-blue door. Charcoal baseboards/hot-pink door. As with any painting, the final choice is always yours.

Add a caricature

ideas for doorsYou’ve seen the cool, hand-drawn, personalized portraits they sell at fairs and carnivals. Why not hire a fine artist to draw funny caricatures of every family member on their bedroom doors? And don’t forget the pets! This is one of the best ways to truly personalize a home. The kids will want to invite friends over just to see their doors.

While you go to work on your doors, Franklin Painting of Farmington, CT, is here to help with the rest of your home’s interior. Count on us for top-quality professional painting services that will instantly magnify the beauty within your home. Call (877) 646-7774 with questions or to meet with one of our paint and color experts.

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