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Greens May Pass Neutrals in 2019 Interior Color Trends

In recent years in the color world, neutral shades have been all the rage. From the fashion district to your local interior designer, neutrals have enjoyed unmatched popularity. Some color-industry trend watchers believe that’s starting to change, with a surge toward the huge family of what we call green.

neutral paint colorsThis wouldn’t be a surprising shift. While neutrals like beige, black, gray, ivory, taupe and white are versatile and eye-appealing, they do lack the personality of an actual color. (Traditionally, neutrals have been considered shades without color, although very light shades of green, yellow, pink, blue and other colors often are labelled “neutral.”)

Where personality is concerned, it’s hard to beat green. Psychologists tell us that green represents concepts such as life, nature, fertility, self-respect and wellbeing. When you start looking at the wide variety of green tints and tones, those representations take on all kinds of new meanings and ideas.

Green color trend tones

When people think of green, they often think of forest green, a vivid but not overly bright shade. Deepen it a little, and you get Sacramento – not the city, but the lustrous shade similar to the primary color of that famous coffee shop.

Start removing some of the pigment from these more traditional greens, and you wind up with Uniform, Army, Olive, Moss and Artichoke. Branching from Forest with successively lighter green tints are Hunter, Sea, Persian, Jade, Emerald and Paris.

Three of the brighter greens that can make shocking statements are Neon, Lime and Kelly. Finally, there are the greens that are heading into neutral territory including Sage, Laurel and Tea.

Green is an unavoidable part of our world

Green paint as neutral colorMost people relate well to the family of green, whether the color is on the walls of their homes or the clothes they wear. Trees, grass, shrubbery – green is everywhere, and we see it constantly. Think of all the different types of trees you’ve seen throughout your life. No two trees have leaves with the exact same shade of green. Depending on where you live, you may be surrounded by trees of the deepest, darkest green to trees with peaceful, faded-green foliage and everything in between.

Color experts engaged in the business of developing colors surely must have studied Nature when designing the multiple shades of green that color the products and items we come into contact with every day. If there’s a shade of green you particularly love, with advanced color-matching technology, you can reproduce it in paint for your home or color for your business cards.

Using green on the surfaces of your home

If you want to bring into your home the psychological representations of green like life, nature, fertility, self-respect and well-being, the many paint choices available are a good place to start. Visit your local paint store or hardware store or consult with a house painting professional and explore the amazing variety of the family of green as it keeps trending upward in popularity.

Franklin Painting of Farmington, CT, is ready to help with any size interior or exterior painting project. Our professionals can turn your home into a statement of beauty by helping you decide on just the right color schemes, whether they be green shades or any other shades. Find out why it pays to go with the experts by calling (877) 646-7774.

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