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Kitchen Paint Color Ideas for Small Kitchens

When updating their home, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their small kitchen look bigger and more inviting without the need for knocking down walls or building a new addition to their home. Fortunately, with the right paint color scheme, you can do just that. Here are five beautiful kitchen color ideas that are perfect for small kitchens that will brighten your home.

painting kitchen, canton ctWhite is a bright color choice for small kitchens.

Since white reflects the most light, it is an ideal color choice for making any small kitchen look bigger and brighter. It’s an easy way to transform a small, dreary kitchen into an elegant space. Creamy white walls (Benjamin Moore’s White Dove) with off-white cabinets (Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee) and wood flooring will give your kitchen a sophisticated appearance. Complete the color scheme by painting a large kitchen wall with a neutral blue-gray bold accent color like Sherwin-Williams’ Endless Sea for a splash of modernity while making the space look more expansive.

Monochromatic color schemes are stylish.

A monochromatic palette using a black and white color scheme works perfectly in small kitchens with stainless steel appliances. It reduces visual clutter giving the space a sleek, stylish, and more spacious appearance. For example, painting the kitchen walls white (Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace) with black cabinets and drawers, white countertops, and blue-gray accent colors will give your larger-looking kitchen a striking visual appeal.

Light colors brighten up dark kitchens.

Since dark paint colors absorb light, they can make a kitchen look small. Instead, use bright color shades like yellow, green, or blue that reflect more natural light. It will spice up your kitchen, making it look spacious and inviting. Pair your impressive stainless-steel appliances and natural wood cabinets with light color walls such as mint green or bright yellow to make your kitchen appear beautiful, colorful, and spacious.

Elegant gray is a timeless classic

Many interior design experts agree that gray is an excellent color for your small kitchen. It is often regarded as an elegant and timeless neutral color choice. To make your kitchen appear elegant and spacious, you can pair a neutral gray like Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray with any color such as white, black, or green. You can also add violet or lavender accents to make the kitchen more welcoming.

kitchen paint, ellington ctRise and shine with a yellow kitchen.

Yellow is a popular paint color for homeowners who want to make small kitchens look more expansive and inviting. It also gives the space a cheery vibe to start your morning as the sun peeks through the kitchen window. For a vibrant kitchen, paint the walls bright yellow like Behr’s Bicycle Yellow with white cabinets. You can spice up the space even further with a bright red stainless-steel stove for a retro look. Or you can choose a more subtle tone such as Valspar’s Saffron Ivory with white cabinets (or vice-versa) for a more contemporary kitchen. Finally, use a bowl of fruit, colorful dishes, and flowers to add accent colors for a visually stunning kitchen.

Paint the kitchen ceiling to give it height.

Another creative way to make a small kitchen look bigger is to paint the ceiling a light color like white. However, you don’t have to limit your palette to white. Other light interior paint colors such as sky blue, mint green, and mellow yellow will add height to your kitchen, making it look airy, crisp, and spacious.

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