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How to Use Painter’s Tape Correctly

When you want your next DIY interior painting project to have a crisp, professional appearance with clean and straight lines, you need to use the tools that professional painters use. It is essential for a perfect paint job that the professional painters at Franklin Painting in Connecticut always have several rolls of this indispensable removable tape.

Using Painters Tape for a home painting project in Farmington CTPainter’s tape is inexpensive and readily available, yet only a few DIYers use it. Painter’s tape is sticky, and it can be tricky to get the hang of it. So, in this article, we will explain how to use painter’s tape correctly for masking any surface with professional results.

Best Tape to Use on Walls for Painting

Several types of painter’s tape include multi-surface, rough surface, an exterior surface, and decorative tape. However, the best paint tape to use on walls is a multi-purpose painter’s tape like the original Scotch blue® brand. Manufactured by 3M, it is the world’s leading painter’s tape brand used by professional painters for masking interior walls and other surfaces. In addition, its bright blue color makes it easily recognizable in local retail stores. However, buying the best tape for your painting project is only half the battle. The other half is understanding how it is applied to get professional results.

How do you apply painters’ tape perfectly?

So, why take the time to apply painter’s tape? When painting, the primary reason for using painter’s tape is to temporarily cover adjacent surfaces, such as baseboards, trims, and ceilings. For example, when your painting the walls a different color or shade than the ceiling, masking the area will prevent unwanted paint splatters or smears. Follow these steps to apply painter’s tape perfectly.

Clean the surface:

Always start with a clean, dry surface. Preparing the painting surface is very important. It will help ensure the tape adheres to the area without bumps or bubbles.

Applying the tape:

Start pulling the adhesive tape from the roll. Then, carefully apply the tape by pressing and unrolling it as you move across the surface in a straight line. Use a putty knife or a small blade to cut the tape. Finally, firmly press the tape on the surface to ensure proper adherence.

Removing painter’s tape:

You can remove the tape about an hour after the paint dries. To avoid ruining your beautiful paint job, we don’t recommend peeling it off a wet surface.

Application and Removal of Painters Tape in Windsor CTIt is safe for most painter’s tape to remain in place for up to 24 hours unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer.

Get Perfect Results with a Professional Painting Contractor in Greater Hartford, CT

Whether you’re refreshing a bedroom or updating the entire house, painting can be time-consuming, even when you have the right tools, including painter’s tape. Franklin Painting is a full-service house painting contractor that will give you professional results for your Windsor and Hartford, CT, area home every time without the hassle.

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