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Pet-Friendly Painting Tips Perfect for DIY Home Makeovers

Preparations to paint your home interior are slightly different when furry friends are in the mix. With the pet-friendly painting tips that follow, you can be confident of both your pet’s safety and great results from your labor. Have day-to-day pet messes been a cause for hesitation in even seeking pet-friendly painting tips? If so, we say no worries! The tips below can help equip you to achieve the DIY home makeover you’ve been dreaming about. Each of the pet-friendly painting tips helps to guarantee that no pets are harmed and you are well-satisfied with your DIY home makeover.

Avoid Toxins painting with pets, Canton CTAvoid Toxins

Because of how lovable you are to your pets, it’s unlikely they will dislike your paint color choice. This point is iffier if you have a cat. But the point is that what’s in the paint is the major thing to look out for. The paint you choose needs to be free of toxins. A tricky thing is that paint formulas with natural ingredients often lack the pigmentation that can produce vibrant results. Our recommendation is to choose a paint that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In other words, the paint emits few to no harmful fumes.

“Stain-Proof” Paint Colors

While sticking with a no-VOC paint, it’s a good idea to opt for a stain-proof paint color whenever possible. Of the pet-friendly painting tips we are sharing here, this one has more to do with ensuring durable results. Stains and smudges are more likely to show if you choose a bright interior paint such as blue, red, or green. To maintain a cleaner look, it helps to choose a neutral shade such as charcoal, brown, or olive. With these darker colors, pet scratches and smudges will tend to blend in rather than stand out.

Sheen Matters

There are various types of paint finishes or sheens. The finishes that are perfect for pets, not to mention two-legged kids, are those that make clean-up easy. A glossy sheen means easier clean-up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a high-gloss look, which tends to highlight imperfections. Benjamin Moore has designed a line of paint that’s perfect for any list of pet-friendly painting tips. Fashioned with high-traffic areas and easy clean-up in mind, these interior paints will help to ensure that the fresh-paint vibes in a home makeover are lasting.

When Touch-Ups are Needed

Every pet situation is unique, and sometimes an easy-to-touch-up though possibly harder-to-clean paint finish is the better option. In such cases, a flat paint finish may be the best way to go. Actually, Sherwin Williams offers a low-sheen paint that has washability, too. This interior acrylic latex paint also contains anti-microbial agents, which means mold and mildew growth are inhibited. So, the options for pet-friendly paint are numerous.

No Pets When Painting, Simsbury CTNo Pets When Painting

The important issue of keeping fur out of your paint aside, it is essential to keep pets away from painting projects in progress. Paint tools and products such as brushes, trays, drop cloths, and paint cans should be stored away after use.

The painting professionals at Franklin Painting know how to apply pet-friendly painting tips as adeptly as they know how to bring out the best in historic homes with flawless interior and exterior painting. They also specialize in a wide range of interior faux painting styles. Contact us if you’re ready to effortlessly enjoy the home makeover of your dreams with pet-friendly interior painting.

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