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6 Color Tips That Will Totally Change Your Home

Changing the color scheme of your home is an easy and inexpensive way to revitalize your home décor. Adding colorful accents like an accent rug and throw pillows can brighten up a room. A fresh coat of paint is the most effective way to transform the mood of a room. A crisp new color or color scheme on your walls can give your home an updated look and feel without adding new furniture or décor. Here are 6 color tips that will change your home.

1. Draw Inspiration from Color Trends

Pantone Color of the Year 2019 Living CoralPantone Color releases a list every year of the trendiest colors. Popular paint brands and home décor experts also share color trends throughout the year. Following these trends is a great way to get inspiration. They often include photos with unique ways to incorporate one or more of these colors into your home. Painting an accent wall with a bright, trendy tone–like Pantone Color of the year Living Coral–is a simple way to make a room feel more mod.




2. Feng Shui Your Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese disciple about creating balance and energy in a space. Incorporating the basic concepts of Feng Shui into your decorating can make your living spaces feel more relaxing and your workspaces more invigorating. Balance is central to Feng Shui. If you want to bring balance to your home’s color palette, the best practice is to choose a base color, a medium accent color, and a lighter accent color. Use these three colors to tie together your room’s décor. Simplifying your decor and reducing clutter is another way to incorporate Feng Shui.

3. Try a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Creating a palette with different shades of the same color is another way to bring balance to a room. Monochromatic decorating is almost effortless. Choose a base color that you like then complement it with lighter and darker shades. You don’t have to stick with neutral colors. You can choose a rich color like Hunter Green or a bright color like Lime Mousse.

4. Pick a Color Collection

Choosing a color collection, such as one of the designer-inspired collections in Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer, can help you create the vibe you want for your rooms. Color collections are groupings of complementary colors. Sherwin-Williams’ has named their collection to give you an idea of the mood and style that each will create such as Coastal Cool, Urban Outlook, and Quiet Comfort.

Room Interior Colors5. Embrace Unconventional Neutrals

If you are attracted to soft neutral tones but you are tired of gray and beige, expand your horizons with unconventional neutrals. You can make a room feel more sophisticated and elegant with metallic neutrals like bronze, copper, gold, and silver. Dusty blush is a trendy neutral this year. Cool whites and light blues are timeless neutrals.

6. Be Bold

Don’t shy away from dark colors like Deep Berry Red or UltraViolet if you are attracted to them. The trick to incorporating bold colors into your home décor is to use them as accents or offset them with neutrals. When you are using rich colors, it is especially important to think about the psychology of color. For example, paint an accent wall in your kitchen or bathroom red where it will energize you. Choose a cooler more soothing tone, like purple or blue, for a bedroom.

We are surrounded by color in nature, architecture, and art. Let the colors you see every day inspire you as much as photos on Instagram and Pinterest. Use that inspiration, along with these color tips, to refresh your home décor.

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