Fall & Winter are Ideal for Home Interior Painting Projects


interior painters, Avon CTHouse painting continues to be among the most popular home improvement projects. In 2018, consumers spent $394B on home improvement, and the trend is moving higher as a majority of homeowners are updating their homes instead of relocating, according to recent industry reports. When planning a painting project, homeowners often wonder when the best time of year is to paint their homes. Well, that depends on whether it is an exterior or interior painting project.

While many homeowners plan painting projects during the spring and summer, fall and winter are a better time for interior painting projects. Interior projects are shielded from any inclement outdoor weather, and the lower humidity reduces potential paint application issues. Here are a few more reasons to consider fall and winter for your next interior painting project.

Lower Prices

Painting contractors are less busy during the off-peak fall and winter months, making it an ideal time of year to paint your interior at a reduced price. Painting contractors are in high demand in the spring and summer. However, you can achieve significant savings by scheduling your interior painting project when there is a lower demand for professional painters. It will also be one less project you will have to worry about when spring cleaning season arrives.

Paint Dries Faster

You might think that paint will dry faster in summer due to the warm temperatures. Surprisingly, the opposite is true. The warmer summer temperatures are often accompanied by high humidity, which increases paint drying time. The higher humidity is also damaging to the paint. On the other hand, the cooler weather and lower humidity help the paint dry faster. The dryer air is even better for paint adhesion and reduces flaking and peeling.

Simbury CT interior home paintingMaximizes Home Value

Sprucing up your home’s interior with a fresh coat of paint offers one of the most significant investment returns for increasing property value. According to a HomeLight Top Agents 2020 survey, interior painting is the second most popular DIY project.  Also, an interior painting project yields an impressive 87% return on investment. So, if you plan to sell or rent your home or condo, painting the interior during the slower fall and winter months is a cost-effective way to maximize your home’s value. Plus, you will be ahead of other homeowners who are getting their home ready for sale during the busier spring and summer months, giving you a competitive advantage.

More Time to Enjoy Summer

With many people entertaining indoors during the cooler fall and winter weather, it is an ideal time of year for your home interior painting project. You can freshen up your home and get a head start on enjoying your revamped living space with family and friends. Plus, when summer rolls around, you will have more time to enjoy your favorite summer activities.

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