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How to Keep Your Paint from Fading

Have you ever moved a bookcase or picture to discover that the patch of the wall underneath is darker? Any room with natural sunlight suffers from fading paint due to UV rays. This harsh sunlight beats down on paint. Low-grade paints can fade quickly under these harsh rays. Exterior paints suffer the most under UV light. UV rays break down the pigment in the paint. Even the best quality paint will eventually fade under harsh sunlight. There are steps to keep paint from fading in order to preserve the true color of your paint.

#1. Choose a Reflective Sheen

The sheen of paint that you choose can impact how long the color lasts. Eggshell, matte, and flat paints all absorb more light. This quality makes the paint color fade faster. Satin and semi-gloss sheens reflect light making them last longer. Semi-gloss paint is typically only used for trim, doors, and bathroom walls. Satin sheen paints can be used in bedrooms and living spaces. Choosing a satin or semi-gloss paint in a room with lots of sunlight will help the color last longer.

Exterior House Painting in Glastonbury CT#2. Use Neutrals Outside

When you pick exterior paint for your house, stick with neutral tones for the siding and shutters. Vibrant tones like reds, yellows, dark blues, and deep greens fade faster. In contrast, neutral tones like whites, greys, greiges, and beiges last longer. Not only will these paints stay color-true longer when they fade, but it will also look more natural. If you want your home to stand out, choose a vibrant color for the front door. That way, you can easily repaint it in the future to keep the color bright that you won’t mind repainting in a few years.

#3. Invest in High-Quality Paint

The price of paint depends on quality. Low-priced paints are made with lower grade materials that won’t last as long. Pricier paints are made with high-quality binders and pigments that are resistant to UV rays. That is why the color of these paints lasts longer. Unless you plan to paint again in two or three years, it’s smart to invest in a high-quality paint that will last for seven to ten years. Spending a little extra money now for high-quality paint will be worth saving time and money later.

#4. Apply Multiple Coats of Paint

Go the extra mile and apply a second layer of paint. While many high-quality paints are designed to look good with only one coat, the color will last longer if you use multiple coats. An additional coat of paint will reinforce the color you’ve laid down. It will keep the paint in good condition longer.

window treatments can protect interior paint#5. Hang Window Treatment

While you can’t protect the siding and shutters on your home from the sun, you can protect interior walls from UV rays. Window treatments like blinds and curtains prevent sunlight from beating down on your walls, furniture, and fabrics. Keeping your blinds or curtains closed when you aren’t in the room will reduce the effect the UV rays can have on the paint, furniture, and accessories.

We hope you will keep these tips in mind to help your interior and exterior paint last for years. If you need a hand with your next painting project, set up a consultation!

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