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Perfect Color Schemes When Remodeling

It is not unusual for homeowners to stress out a little about choosing the perfect color scheme when remodeling. This is why the staff colorist at Franklin Painting is a popular person! Selecting a pleasing paint color scheme for interior and exterior painting is a matter of personal taste combined with skill in using a color wheel. Undeniably, the countless paint color options alone can be a bit intimidating. A good starting point for achieving the perfect color scheme during a remodel is to select your furniture, tile, fabric, and wallpaper before making paint color decisions. More tips follow.

Paint color inspiration for a home remodel in Wethersfield CTFind a Source of Inspiration

You don’t have to start your remodeling project with a blank canvas. It is always helpful to identify something with a color scheme you would love to emulate. Whether working from a photograph of artwork, a patterned fabric, or something such as a captivating rug, you can settle on the paint color scheme for remodeling that can produce outstanding results.

Consider the Effects of Light

Lighting makes an impact on the appearance of paint colors. During the selection process, it’s recommended that you consider how various hues appear in natural light and lamp light. Color is a reflection of light, which is why these two factors work hand in hand. In general, warm colors are effective in artificial lighting and in softening shadows. The light from fluorescent lamps is cool and bluish in color. Incandescent lamps, on the other hand, emit a redder, warmer light than pure sunshine.

Create the Desired Atmosphere

The perfect color scheme when remodeling is one that produces the atmosphere you desire to have in your home. There’s no need to choose one palette of colors for an entire home. You could make unique selections for each room to fit its function while creating the overall desired environment. When you follow the trusty color wheel, you can avoid ending up with jarring aesthetics.

A Few Mistakes to Avoid

When planning for a whole-home renovation, it can be daunting to think of having to live with widespread paint color mistakes. Knowing what not to do can be a helpful approach. The following are potential paint color mistakes:

Overwhelming a space with too many colors can result in discomfiture and anxiety. The bottom line is to avoid confusing color palettes.

Going too conservative can end up giving the occupants of a home a case of the blahs. Incorporate bold colors in your color scheme when remodeling, even if the colors are inserted in otherwise neutral spaces.

Professional Exterior Home Painting in Haddam CTBe sure to adopt proven principles of clever design. For instance, verticality is a consideration. This involves painting with darker shades at the bottom of a room and going lighter up to the ceiling.

Contact Franklin about Your Paint Remodeling Project

Franklin Painting LLC specializes in producing stunning results. This includes providing needed help choosing the perfect color scheme when remodeling. A free 90-minute color consultation with our staff colorist is included with all major remodeling projects. Our paint experts specialize in faux painting techniques as well as the flawless application of paint for all interior and exterior projects. Contact us at Franklin Painting today! Call 877-646-7774 or reach out via our website.

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