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The Best Spring Painting Tips

After a cold and hearty winter, folks from Avon, CT, to Willington, CT, and throughout the Greater Hartford region are ready to ditch the winter coats for a sweater during the typically warmer and sunnier spring season. But that old English proverb sweet April showers do spring May Flowers has a ring of truth as the season can be warm and sunny one day and cold and wet the next. Since spring cleaning in Connecticut often includes exterior house painting, here are our top spring painting tips.

Spring Exterior Home Painting in Rocky Hill CTCheck the Weather Forecast

The National Weather Service is predicting an up to 95 percent probability that El Nino will end in Spring 2023, instead shifting to a more unpredictable ENSO neutral weather pattern, according to News 8 (WTNH/WCTX) in New Haven-Hartford, CT. Unfortunately, that will make it challenging for local meteorologists to provide long-range weather forecasts. So, check the weather forecast the day before painting the inside or outside of your home.

Choose the Proper Paint Finish

There is more to selecting the proper paint than simply picking out the colors you like best. The finish type will affect how your room looks after the paint is dry. Depending on the hue, sheen, and other factors, the paint color can shift throughout the day. You have several finish options ranging from flat (low sheen) to gloss (high sheen). Surfaces with a gloss or high-sheen finish are easier to clean than flat or eggshell paint.

Consider The Lighting Before Painting

Lighting can be a source of frustration for many DIY painters. You spend all day painting the bathroom this beautiful lilac color, but it’s a blue hue when you wake up the following day! The direction of the light source and whether it is natural or artificial lighting can significantly affect your room’s color during the day and evening. The best way to increase the odds of a professional painting job is to select three shades, one a little darker and a little lighter than your preferred shade. Then, paint a small portion of the wall. The shade that has the most negligible impact throughout the day is the one that will be best for that space.

Choose A Room Color That Complements Your Home

Unless you want the bright colors of a three-ring circus tent, you will want to pay close attention to choosing complimentary colors when house painting.

Choosing a Spring Paint Color in Cromwell CT

One way to achieve this is to look at the color wheel. The primary colors are on one side of the wheel, with secondary or complimentary colors on the opposite.

Professional Spring Painting for Your Connecticut Home Made Easy

Whether you want to refresh a bathroom, brighten the kitchen, or do a complete interior/exterior house painting, we know you will love the professional results. Franklin Painting is a licensed and insured painting contractor serving the Greater Hartford metropolitan area, including Elmwood, CT; Middletown, CT; Manchester, CT; and Windsor, CT.

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