Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

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Vinyl siding is often chosen for its durability, but can you paint vinyl siding? Yes, vinyl siding can be painted but it’s best not done with too much haste. Read on below to learn about possible hindrances and reasons why painting your vinyl siding may not be the best long-term solution for your home. For the best results in exterior painting, call Franklin Painting LLC, trusted by homeowners throughout the Farmington CT area.

Check Your Warrantyexterior vinyl siding of home painting in Rocky Hill, CT

When vinyl siding is painted, major vinyl siding manufacturers usually will not honor the home warranty. So, your insurance agency may not authorize payment for a claim on the repair of damage to your home exterior if the vinyl siding has been painted. Check the warranty for the siding on your home to see whether painting your vinyl siding would negate the warranty. This isn’t a concern if the warranty is expired.

Consider the Integrity of the Siding

When your vinyl siding was first installed, it became the first and best defense between your home and the outdoor elements. If you refresh your home’s appearance by painting the vinyl siding, there may be underlying problems that go undetected. Damage from hail, strong winds, or rocks thrown by a lawn mower may not be obvious. These types of damage can become places where moisture or pests make entry, leaving you to deal with possible mold and infestations. Prep is a crucial part of a durable paint job, but it’s tough to be certain about the true condition of vinyl siding and what’s underneath it.

Color Options

Yes, is the answer “to can you paint vinyl siding?” But the selection of curated paint considered safe for vinyl siding is limited. Benjamin Moore, for example, offers 59 colors designed for vinyl surfaces. Compare that to the typical range of colors, which is in the thousands. Plus, if you need to go with a dark color because the current color of the vinyl siding is dark, that further limits the options for curated paint.

Cost of Painting vs. Vinyl Siding

An educated guesstimate of the cost to paint a home exterior is about $1,700 to $4,000, and new paint is required about every 5 years. New vinyl siding costs $5,000 to about $14,000, and no maintenance is needed, guaranteed, for up to 30+ years. You can expect to recoup about 76% of the total cost of new vinyl siding. These things may help you decide what to do, but there is one more factor that may make a difference, as follows.

exterior vinyl siding of home painting in Rocky Hill, CTVinyl Siding Insulation

When you paint old siding, you don’t have an opportunity to add to the installation underneath. While the original vinyl siding came with new insulation, it is not guaranteed that the insulation will remain effective past the life of the siding. The difference could mean your utility bills go up noticeably if you simply paint your vinyl siding rather than replace it.

Painting Vinyl Siding

Whether or not you’ve decided that you can paint vinyl siding on your home, we hope you’ll give us a call at Franklin Painting. Our expertise provides you with guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind. All of our paint projects get the same uncompromising professional touch. Call 877-646-7774 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment today!

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