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Best Exterior House Colors of 2023

The best exterior house colors of 2023, in large part, have a dark side that turns tradition on its head. Not necessarily so with the color chosen by Yardzen, an online landscape design company that only suggests one winning hue. It is a great time to paint your house if you’re tired of the same old same old. If you want to ensure results that exceed most expectations, call the professionals at Franklin Painting LLC. They have a staff colorist who can help you decide whether your home fits best with one rather than another of the best exterior house colors of 2023.

New exterior house colors in Glastonbury CTBest Exterior House Colors of 2023

Per brick&batten, professionals in virtual exterior design, the following are the top 8 colors by Benjamin Moore for 2023, though we only spotlight the top three colors here. The rest–#9 through #15 by Sherwin Williams–are also named below.

#1 Nightfall

A frequent theme for 2023, somehow not surprisingly, is “dark and moody.” Benjamin Moore’s Nightfall is a blackened gray with subtle blue undertones. This top pic that evokes midnights pairs beautifully with wood, stone, brick, and other natural materials. For façades with many mixed materials, Nightfall can have a grounding effect. On contemporary homes, the color’s depth highlights the layers.

#2 Regent Green

You go even darker if you choose Regent Green, which Benjamin Moore describes as a muted color in deep pine green. Jewel-like blue tones can be noted in a certain light. It pairs well with greige. Overall, the effect of Regent Green, which looks like another of the charcoal shades, is stunning.

#3 Bear Creek

Of the proclaimed best exterior house colors of 2023, perhaps the best earthy neutral shade is Benjamin Moore’s Bear Creek. A great match with industrial accents, it has a prominent smoky brown undertone. If a deep, rich, woodsy shade sounds appealing, this one may be perfect for your house.

#4 – #8 by Benjamin Moore

Be sure to check out the other shades at your leisure. Chosen as the fourth through eighth best exterior paint colors by Benjamin Moore for 2023, respectively, are: November Rain, Grant Beige, Mohegan Sage, Fieldstone, and Westcott Navy.

#9 – #15 by Sherwin Williams

We are at #9, and the seven colors that follow have been chosen as Sherwin Williams’ best exterior house colors for 2023: Andiron, Inkwell, Agreeable Gray, Mountain Road, Universal Khaki, Software, and Dover White.

Just reading the names of the paint colors, you can see that, for the most part, the two premier paint companies are highlighted for similar winning shades for this year.

#1 is a New Hue in Town

Southern Living opts for the calm, soothing color that Yardzen has dubbed the top exterior paint color of 2023. If you’d like a break from the stark shades that have been dominating in recent years, you may also like Slate Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Painting Experts in Avon Ct

The vintage feel of this #1 shade is achieved with patinaed, dusty undertones. It’s crisp and airy without appearing too saturated, says a Yardzen spokesperson. It’s the anti-charcoal shade they most recommend.

Choose Franklin Painting to Apply the Best Exterior House Colors of 2023

Even if you choose from among the best exterior house colors of 2023, your home can only look its best when professional painters like the proven experts at Franklin Painting do the work. We’ve got the skills to maximize the results using whatever paint colors you choose. However, we do recommend taking advantage of a consultation with our staff colorist. This service is provided with our compliments.

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