6 Sure Signs it’s Time to Paint Your House

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quality exterior painting in farmington ctDo you dread the cost and inconvenience of an external paint job or look forward to the instant upgrade on your home’s appearance after it’s done? Either way, it’s understandable if you prefer to wait until it’s actually time for fresh paint. The estimates on when to paint on various types of surfaces aren’t very helpful, since they can include a range of years. Thankfully, paint professionals have shared their insights on the issue. The following are telltale signs that it’s time to paint your home exterior.


It’s not necessary to wait until you see evidence of paint failure to paint your home. Because of the protection and other benefits provided by exterior paint, it’s best not to wait. The following are the basic timelines for painting a home. Whether paint is needed toward the earlier end of a suggested range or the latter end depends on the quality of the last paint used and the overall quality of the work that was done. The timeline coupled with other signs means the time for fresh exterior paint is now:

  • Paint wood surfaces every 3 to 7 years.
  • Paint aluminum siding every 5 years.
  • Give stucco a fresh coat of paint every 5 to 6 years.

2-Gaps or Shrinkage

If there are noticeable gaps between boards or it appears boards are shrinking, it could be a sign of dry rot. This is one of the conditions to be repaired during prep for painting, and it’s also a good sign that new exterior paint is needed. An inspection by a professional is recommended, to determine the extent of the moisture damage.

3-Cracking, Peeling, or Bubbling Paint

When it comes to poor paint conditions, the typical timeline for applying fresh exterior paint may not be relevant. Bubbling, cracking, and peeling paint could be evidence that the existing paint was not correctly applied and a new paint job is needed sooner than expected. There are other reasons for these conditions, however, such as exposure to harsh elements and the presence of mold or dry rot. Whatever the cause, new paint is needed.


If the paint on your home no longer has the original vibrant color, the paint may be fading as a result of sun bleaching. Dark paint colors are more susceptible to fading than lighter paints. If fading is occurring on a shady side of your home, it could be caused by vapor barrier issues or a problem with water intrusion. It’s best to have a professional investigate and determine the cause.

5-Caulking is Brittle

The caulking on your home exterior can provide evidence that it’s time for a new paint job. Caulking that is cracked or has lost elasticity is evidence that re-caulking by an expert or a whole new exterior paint job is needed.

Light Colored House ct pro painters6-Potential Buyers Aren’t Interested

When buying a new home, the first impression is a usually either a big selling point or a reason to move on to check out the next house on the market. If the curb appeal of your home leaves a lot to be desired because of paint condition, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. You can even plan on increasing the asking price for your home to cover the cost of painting plus more.

Call the Professionals

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