10 Penny-Wise House Painting Projects that Make a Big Impact

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CT Interior paint professionalsYou can sink a relatively small amount of money into interior and exterior house painting projects and still enjoy outstanding results. Quality paint truly makes home renovation on a budget completely doable. Many people opt for do-it-yourself painting, but it usually saves money, in the long run, to hire reputable professionals and enjoy the best possible results. Even on a small project, painting could be a complete failure, apart from the know-how of experts familiar with all the steps to achieve top-quality results for a particular project. The following are interior and exterior painting projects that fit almost any budget.

Ideas for Budget-Friendly Interior Painting

Transform your smallest bathroom or half-bath by painting it in an eye-catching color.

Think drama! It’s always advisable to consider how specific colors would look in a room based on the amount of natural light or lack thereof. Complete the new look after the paint is on by adding complementary decorative accents.

Creating an accent wall can add excitement, an air of elegance, or a pop of artistic flair.

For a remarkable finish, there is no need to paint an entire room. Choose a wall that will work well as the room’s focal point. This could be a wall with a fireplace, the wall adjacent to the doorway, or the one where the headboard is in a bedroom. Ideas for the color of an accent wall can come from your favorite fabric, pillows, or artwork in the room.

Apply a new paint color only on the white ceiling in a room.

This will subtly inject more color into the space. The effect can be elegant and striking.

Make a statement about your style by painting a room or accent wall using wall stencils.

Many edgy stencil patterns are available, or you can create your own.

Give walls or furniture a colorful, creative dry-erase surface.

Style options can include just the looks you have wanted for your home. Benjamin Moore ® offers premium dry-erase paint that can be applied to most surfaces. The sketching surface can encourage creativity and help keep you organized.

5 Economical Exterior Painting Projects

  • Give your home a distinct uplift by cleaning drab shutters and painting them a new color.
  • professional paint contractors in gastonbury ctPaint the trim on your house. Done right, this can help bring architectural elements together and give your house an instant upgrade in curb appeal.
  • If steps lead to your front door, consider painting the stairs and the entire entryway.
  • Choose a stunning color that will pop with the entire exterior and paint your front door. Colorful front doors always stand out and add extra appeal.
  • Buy, or custom-order large wooden numbers emblazoned with your home address, paint them the same color as your accent door, and hang them near the coordinating door.

Prevent Pounding Headaches on Paint Projects

Achieving a professional-quality exterior or interior painting project is often more involved than people realize. It’s not uncommon for paint professionals to receive requests to finish an exterior or interior paint job that the homeowners started and can no longer find the time for. Franklin Painting is the best place to call for an outstanding paint project in Connecticut. Call today at 877-656-7774 for help making a bold impact with a budget-friendly interior or exterior paint project.

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