Finding the Correct Type of Paint for the Job

Painted Floors in Burlington CT

Choosing the right shade of paint for your project is sometimes a long and difficult process. Good thing that’s the only choice you’ll have to make, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. Another extremely important decision is what type of paint you need for your surface.

We’re sure a few people are thinking, “I’ll just go grab a can of the first thing I see and it will be fine.” This might get the job done in some situations. However, the stronger likelihood is that your project will need to be repainted sooner, show wear or damage faster, and depending on the surface, maybe not even stick at all. It’s all about the best way to match paint to the surface texture. Here are the four most common types of surfaces and how to decide which paint is best for each of them.

Interior Painting Surfaces in Glastonbury CTInterior surfaces

Ceilings, walls, and woodwork can all be painted with latex paint. But, that’s not all you need to know. Ceilings should be covered only with paint designed for ceilings. These are usually of the flat white variety as they’ll show fewer lines from your roller. Plus, they won’t yellow over time.

Latex is also the best choice for walls. Choose a finish that matches the space like an eggshell for bedrooms or dining rooms and satin for high-traffic areas or on cabinets.

Latex is also a good choice for woodwork. Prime bare wood first and then choose a latex paint with a semi-gloss finish for the easiest cleaning.

Metal surfaces

Metal can be a complex medium. To successfully ensure that paint adheres to these types of surfaces, you need to do some prep work, depending on the type of metal.

Iron and steel surfaces should first be properly primed. Only then can you paint them. In addition, you will want to only use latex or oil-based paints.

Now, in contrast, latex paints can be applied to aluminum and galvanized metal without priming the surface. And as a final note, all metals regardless of the type should first be primed if you are using oil-based paint.


Painting your fireplace is trending with home DIY-ers and we’ve seen many of our Franklin Painting customers take on this project. After all, it’s a fairly easy way to update the look of your space without spending a fortune to redo the entire area. Choose an acrylic latex that is specially designed for masonry for best results.

Painted Floors in Burlington CTFlooring

Floors can be painted. But they are also very high-traffic areas. Give yourself the best foot forward (pun intended!) by choosing a product specifically designed for floors. This will ensure that it holds up to daily traffic, spills, heavy scrubbing, and abrasion.

We know how to match paint regardless of the surface texture

Some homeowners enjoy painting and want to take on this task for themselves. For others, this couldn’t be further from the truth — and that’s where we come in.

We love what we do. Our staff will treat your project as if it were their own, providing you with a professional, high-quality finished product every time. Contact Franklin Painting, LLC by calling 877-646-7774 or by visiting our website!

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