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When is the Best Time to Paint?

The answer to when is the best time to paint is more about seasons than times of the day. When you rely on paint professionals in Connecticut like the experts at Franklin Painting, timing is less of a concern. We have the equipment and know-how to deliver flawless results year-round for interior projects. Even in winter, exterior painting is possible for pros, though weather creates greater potential for delays. Read on for more insights about when is the best time to paint?

exterior home painting in Bloomfield CTWhat Season is the Best Timing for Painting my Home Exterior?

When it comes to exterior painting, the temperature and other weather conditions matter very much. Paint doesn’t perform the same in all circumstances. Some paints are created especially for use in lower or higher temperatures. But it is best to paint in the range of the ideal outdoor temperature, which is 72ºF. The surface temperature is the important thing, which means that if it’s too hot or too cold outside, it’s best to wait.

For Franklin Painting’s clients needing an exterior coat of paint, it’s good to be more specific and ask when is the best time to paint in Connecticut? The answer is: early summer before the weather gets too hot.

Which Season is Best for Interior Painting in Connecticut?

Interior painting is something professionals can achieve at any time of the year. That’s only because they have the equipment needed to create the right indoor conditions. You can confidently proceed with scheduling professional interior painting in Connecticut in winter, spring, summer, and fall if you rely on Franklin Painting for painting services. However, there are benefits to relying on us for interior painting in fall and winter, from cashing in on lower prices to the convenience of a shorter wait time for paint to dry.

If it’s not a good day to open windows, the inability to create plenty of ventilation is not a problem if you use the right kind of paint. The fumes in paint can be dangerous, of course, without plenty of airflow. That’s because of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that can be harmful. But if you are using no-VOC paint, that problem is eliminated.
For do-it-yourselfers, the best time for interior painting in Connecticut is late spring or early fall, when the weather is mild. Paint dries best when it is cool outside, not overly warm.

Interior home painting in Newington CTIs There a Best Time of Day for Painting?

Technically, there’s not really a time of day that’s better than another when you are working on an interior paint project. Making sure you have plenty of lighting could dictate that daytime work is better for you than a nighttime paint project. If the paint you are using contains VOCs, it’s important that you are comfortable keeping windows and doors open. Whenever there will be the fewest disruptions and interruptions may be a good way to decide on your timing.

If you have an exterior paint project, however, nighttime is not an option. Avoiding harsh sunlight is a consideration that may be important to the outcome of the project. The weather is always something to consider ahead of time but not as far as the time of day for painting. It’s more about which series of days promises to cooperate and provide good weather for exterior painting.

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Our expert painters at Franklin Painting are ready to perform the interior and exterior home projects of your dreams. When we are handling the work for you and with some exceptions with regard to exterior painting, it’s not necessary to ask: when is the best time to paint? We are familiar with the secrets of getting around inclement weather. The Franklin Painting pros also execute faux finishes, wallpaper removal, and painting kitchen cabinets. Contact us today by calling 860-678-7701 or by filling out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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