Trendy Paint Combinations for your Home Exterior

professional exterior painting in avon ct

professional exterior painting in avon ctEvery few years, it’s time to choose coordinating colors to paint your home exterior, if you want to keep up the curb appeal. You may be in need of some fresh paint because you want to sell your home and most potential buyers won’t want to see fading, cracking, bubbling, or flaking paint. Anyone who isn’t concerned about curb appeal should know that paint provides important protection against the elements. In addition, the lifespan of your home exterior is extended by repainting when the previous paint job has expired. One of the reasons many homeowners procrastinate on home exterior painting is because of indecision about choosing from among the vast selection of colors for the paint project. The following information can help you determine whether painting is needed and also provides tips on trendy exterior paint combinations.

When is New Paint Needed?

The number of years that pass before your home needs a fresh coat of paint depends on various factors. If you have wood siding, for example, repainting is needed every 3 to 7 years, depending on the quality of the paint used for the last exterior paint job. Stucco generally needs new paint every 5 to 6 years. For aluminum siding, it’s approximately 5 years. Signs that painting is needed include the following:

  • Faded paint
  • Hardened caulk
  • Cracks in the stucco
  • Bubbling, flaking, or cracking paint—it’s best to repaint your home before any of these conditions occur

Trending Exterior Paint Colors

The last thing you want to do is paint your home in colors that fail to please the eye or harmonize with its surroundings. After all, painting is expensive and lasts for years, when done correctly. At Franklin Painting, we only use top quality paint for home interiors and exteriors. The current trending colors are excellent options, though you never want to paint your home in the same hues as your nearest neighbors.

  • Gray paint with white trim and another subtle shade that coordinates for accent trim is a popular look that communicates strength of character.
  • Houses painted in all white require additional exterior maintenance, but a mix of white paint shades achieve a striking, classic look.
  • Colors are typically somewhat muted on home exteriors, and adding a pop of color on the front door is a great way to make a home stand out. Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Paint Color of the Year is Caliente, and it could be the perfect contrasting door for a variety of color schemes.
  • Black is now a trending color for home exterior paint. The affect is has includes highlighting of structural features and making a home look smaller. Black paint looks best on a home with a contemporary style and many windows that allow lots of sunshine in.
  • While black and other dark colors make your home look smaller, light shades make it seem larger. Benjamin Moore paint shade Boston Brick will make your home look smaller yet more substantial and set back on your property. November Rain is a light shade that makes a home seem closer to the curb and more imposing.

farmington ct professional exterior painting servicesContact Franklin Painting

The professionals at Franklin Painting can help ensure that the paint shades you choose look beautiful on your home. In addition, they are always up-to-date on trending exterior paint colors and more. We also have a color specialist who assists our customers in getting the paint choices for their home right. Whatever colors you choose, the best possible final look for your fresh paint job will be achieved by having the work done by our dedicated professionals.

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