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5 Reasons to Paint Your Home in the Fall

The pleasure of owning a home is coupled with the need to make timely home improvement projects. Painting your home in the fall, for instance, is the perfect season for an overhaul of your home’s appearance. Many don’t realize that, for practical reasons, autumn is the best time for home painting, both interior and exterior. Scheduling the professional painting services of dedicated experts like the teams of painters at Franklin Painting further ensures stunning results. Below, learn five reasons why fall is the best time for painting your home.

Exterior Home Painting Simsbury, CT1-Ideal Temperatures

In Connecticut, fall is perfect for painting your home, but waiting until winter is not advisable. New coats of exterior paint don’t do well when temperatures wildly fluctuate in conditions such as ice, sleet, rain, and snow. The extreme temperatures of summer can also negatively affect the final outcome since paint can dry unevenly.

For interior home painting, the cool temperatures in fall make it more comfortable when you open your windows to vent paint fumes. The same can’t often be said in typical summer or winter conditions.

2-Maneuvering Around Precipitation

The lushness of Connecticut scenery gives testament to the high rate of year-round rainfall. Although October tends to be the rainiest month, September is an ideal time for painting, with a near-average amount of rain. Moisture can make it difficult for paint to dry and bond properly. Therefore, paint projects are often delayed on rainy days. Another benefit of painting your home in the fall is that delays due to rain are less likely.


Humidity is a factor much like moisture, and it is also an important consideration when you are painting your home. Both interior and exterior paint must properly dry and bond to walls and trim, etc. This requires dry surfaces.

Both the application and durability of paint can be negatively impacted when humidity is in the atmosphere. Humidity dissipates during the season change from summer to fall. It’s just another reason painting your home in the fall is recommended by painting experts.

4-Cost and Convenience

Homeowners en masse have not figured out that there are clear benefits to home painting in the fall. Therefore, it is usually easier to schedule the best professional painters at a time convenient to you in autumn. Such flexibility is not there during busier seasons. The lower demand for painting in the fall sometimes results in offers for special pricing. Altogether, fall home painting could save you two of life’s most valuable commodities—time and money.

Interior Home Painting Wethersfield, CT5-Winter and Holiday Prep

The anticipation of enjoying the holiday season can be multiplied when you’ve had a home makeover. The best way to give any home an instant uplift is with new coats of interior and exterior paint. Even if the family can’t visit this year, your own spirits will be lifted by transforming what may feel like a drab environment. With winter being the season when the demand for indoor life is heightened, the benefits of painting your home in the fall are undeniable.

Are you ready to get in on the benefits of painting your home in the fall? During autumn and in every season, we expert painters at Franklin Painting deliver the same painstaking workmanship for home painting projects of every size. Call us today at 860-678-7701 or contact us online for a virtual estimate.

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