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The Perfect Time to Paint Your Home is When Kids are In School

Is painting your home interior among the things hindered by having the kids underfoot, whether due to a pandemic or summertime? Well, now is the perfect time to paint since kids are back in school. Reasons to paint when the children aren’t around can range from safety to sanity issues. After all, the children’s degrees of rambunctiousness are factors that can’t always be reasonably ignored.

painting for back to school, cromwell ctHealth Reasons Kids and Interior Painting Don’t Mix

The most common type of poisoning is caused by lead-based paint. Doctors say that most chemicals in paints contain lead, which can harm infants and young children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years.

If a young child touches or inhales paint fumes, the paint could trigger allergic or asthmatic attacks. The development of a child can be severely harmed by exposure to lead. Lead is easily absorbed into children’s bodies, injuring their bones, brain, and other developing organs.

The kidney and stomach can also suffer severe side effects. Paints are typically made with volatile organic compounds or VOCs, though less harmful low-VOCs and no-VOCs paints are available today. VOCs generate toxic fumes that can weaken children’s immunity systems.


Babies are most susceptible and should not be in the home during painting projects until the paint has dried. VOCs can also trigger eye irritation and reactive airway diseases. Younger children, adults, and elderly individuals with a history of respiratory tract ailments or allergic coughs should also stay away during painting. Everyone’s safety from the potentially harmful effects of toxic fumes depends on keeping areas well-ventilated during painting.

Choose Kid-Proof Paints

There are other things to consider besides the issue of safety when it comes to painting. One of those is the type of finish produced by the paint. Glossier finishes are easier to clean and are therefore more kid-friendly. Experts recommend 100% acrylic latex paint in a glossier finish for interior painting as a kid-proof option.

Patching the interior painting surface, canton ctSafe Prep for Painting

There are other aspects of painting besides applying the paint itself, and you may be able to take care of those when everyone is home. For instance, the walls may need to be patched. You may decide to wait until after the kids go to bed before patching nicks and holes in the wall. Outlet covers and switch plates need to be removed. If you are fairly sure there will be no little hands tampering with the work, painters tape can be applied prior to kids back in school. Taping off the woodwork will help you make the most of the opportunity to apply paint when the kids are back in school.

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