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5 Ways to Break the Rules for Painting a Kid’s Room

When painting a kid’s bedroom, it’s time to break the “grown-up” rules and let your creative juices flow. A kid’s bedroom is unlike any other room in the house. It is their personal space, so incorporating their favorite colors, shapes, and themes into the design will give them a sense of pride. To help get you started, here are five creative ideas for painting a kid’s room.

painting a child's room, cromwell ct Enhance creativity with chalkboard paint

Kids can be very creative and love to draw.  While drawing on the walls is often discouraged, painting a wall in your child’s bedroom with chalkboard paint will let them draw on the wall to their heart’s content. They can use regular chalks or even liquid chalk markers that let them write and wipe over and over again on a chalkboard painted wall. With a set of colorful chalks, a chalkboard wall will give kids hours of fun. It can also help them keep track of chores and homework too. Just be sure to remind them not to write on any of the other walls in the house.

Paint decorative images or patterns

Using a stencil, you can easily paint your kids’ favorite characters, farm animals, geometric shapes, colorful patterns, or other motifs on bedroom walls. It will create a personal touch that your child will love for years to come. The first step is to select the primary or base color for the bedroom walls and an accent color for the stencil design. Some of the popular kids’ bedroom colors include light yellow, navy blue, pale green, teal, gray, and pink. After the base wall paint is dry, secure the stencil to the wall with painter’s tape and use a stencil brush to paint the design in a complementary accent color. Be careful when removing the stencil to avoid smearing the paint.

Paint your child’s name on the wall

Painting your child’s name on the wall is a creative way to personalize the bedroom space that will give them a sense of pride and ownership. There are many different fun stencil lettering styles that you can use to paint your child’s name in their favorite colors. You can also paint the letters with textured paint for a unique touch. For younger kids, painting the alphabet letters along the wall is another creative way to decorate your kid’s bedroom that will also help them learn the alphabet.

interior painting in middletown ctDesign the room around a theme

Kids associate with different themes as they grow up, so painting their bedroom walls that match their favorite theme will be a hit with kids of any age. It could be their favorite cartoon, movie, sport, hobby, or any other theme they enjoy.  For instance, if your child loves the movie Frozen, painting the room using the movie’s vivid blue and purple colors with Disney character accents will make an adorable bedroom that any little princess will envy.


Incorporate bedroom furniture into the art

Incorporating your kid’s bedroom furniture into the overall interior design will give the space a more unique and cohesive appearance. There are no rules here, so you can let your imagination run wild. You can paint the furniture in a contrasting color to add depth to the room, or it can become one of the characters in the scene of a themed bedroom. You can also use a glow in the dark paint for the dresser nobs or wall light switch for a fun effect.

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