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How-To Tips from the Pros: Painting Door Casings

Painting Door CasingsIt’s not “a given” that any paint job in your home will be easy to pull off like a pro, not even for small projects such as painting door casings. The prep work, tools used, paintbrush size, type of paint, and the skillful application of paint all contribute to the overall finish. Do-it-yourself paint jobs by laypersons with little to no experience rarely accomplish a pro-quality paint job in home interiors or exteriors. The following pro painting tips could go a long way, however, toward giving you success in painting door casings flawlessly.

The Importance of Prep

An essential component of a quality paint job is to paint on a surface that has been properly prepared. Prep is as essential when painting door casings as it is when painting entire walls. The quality of a paint finish can be no better than the condition of the surface that the paint was applied to. The primary objectives of paint prep are to ensure:

  1. Excellent adhesion of the new paint; and
  2. Professional-quality appearance of the finish.

How to Paint Door Casings, Step-by-Step

You will need to access the doorjambs and stops. Wedge the door open before you begin painting the door casings. If there is a screen door or a storm door, remove it so that it doesn’t interfere.

Step 1

Gather the following supplies for painting door casings:

  • Quality paint
  • A quality 2-inch tapered paintbrush
  • Drop cloth
  • Scraper
  • Fine-grit sanding pad
  • Wide painter’s tape
  • Caulking gun
  • Painter’s caulk
  • Vinyl spackling
  • Cloths
  • Degreasing cleaner
  • Paint pail
  • Hammer

Step 2

Use the scraper to remove any peeling paint. Recess exposed nail heads with your hammer. Use vinyl spackling to fill dents and nail holes.

Step 3

Using a fine-grit sanding pad, sand the entire door casing until smooth. In areas were paint has been removed, feather and smooth the rough edges. Finally, wipe away the sanding dust with a moistened rag.

Step 4

Because paint will not stick to a dusty, dirty surface, remove grease and dirt from the door casings with a degreasing cleaner.

Step 5 (Optional)

For a professional, seamless finish, use a caulking gun to add a narrow strip of painter’s caulk around the door perimeter, next to the wall. Let dry thoroughly before continuing with the project.

Step 6

Cover the floor with a drop cloth and use wide painter’s tape on the floor area near the casing.

Step 7

As you prepare to paint, make sure the room has ventilation. Pour paint into a paint bucket. After dipping the paintbrush, pat the loaded paintbrush against the inside of the pail. This will help to ensure that the paint will be evenly distributed.

Step 8

Begin painting at the top of the doorjamb. Brush the paint onto the casing to cover a small area while not stretching the paint too thin. Then paint the corner by dabbing the paint. Smooth the paint using the side of the brush. Wipe off any paint that flows onto other areas. Repeat this procedure until the inner doorjamb is painted.

Step 9

Outline or cut in the door casing’s outside perimeter. After loading the paintbrush’s tip, spread the paint on the casing’s edge using long, smooth, straight brush strokes. Use a clean cloth to wipe off any paint that gets on the facing.

Step 10

Using a paintbrush loaded with paint, lay paint on the surface of the horizontal face at the top. Repeat the painting method in Step 9. For a flawless finish, paint quickly and maintain a wet edge. Repeat the procedure to paint the casing at the top.

Step 11

Repeat Step 10 to paint the vertical sides.

Step 12

For the amount of time the paint manufacturer recommends, let the paint dry. As needed, add one more coat of paint.

Bonus Tip: Contact the Pros

Franklin PaintingIf you want best possible results for painting door casings, contact the pros at Franklin Painting LLC. The skilled experts at Franklin offer a risk-free guarantee so that professional results are guaranteed, to your satisfaction. No job is too small or large for our craftsmen. Call Franklin Painting at 877-646-7774 today for best results, whether painting door casings or your entire home exterior or interior.

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