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What Paint Thinner Is and How to Use It

Paint thinner is a product whose name seems to tell what it’s for. But the answers you get by exploring what paint thinner is and how to use it may surprise you. Paint thinners are solvents that dissolve paint, reduce the viscosity of paint, and have many different uses for general cleanup. Specifics follow.

Professional Paint Thinner Use in Wethersfield CTUse Paint Thinner…as a Paint Thinner

The paint solvent most widely used for thinning varnishes, oil-based paints, and enamels is paint thinner. Note: Never use paint thinners with latex paints, lacquers, or shellac. Thinner makes oil-based paint less thick so that it can be sprayed through a paint sprayer tip.

Mineral spirits can be used as a paint thinner. But paint thinners of different brands are usually cheaper to purchase because they contain other solvents and they aren’t as refined as mineral spirits. Every brand has solvents in different ratios and may work differently. Some will smell worse than others and be more volatile.

A few tips for using paint thinner to thin paint:

• Do not use cold paint because it could have an effect on thickness and the application process.
• Thinner should always be mixed with paint stored at room temperature.
• When adding the paint thinner, stir the paint with a wooden spoon or stick.
• Mix slowly to be sure the thinner is properly blended.
• Test the mix before starting. Do this by applying two coats on your surface. The paint should not drip or be too thick.
• If you are using custom paint, mix all the paint of a certain color in a single pail so that the color is consistent.
• Remove any chunks of paint that don’t mix.
• Don’t leave the paint thinner can open for too long because it will evaporate.
• Use a 4:1 paint to paint thinner ratio as a guide when determining how much to use.

What Else Does Paint Thinner Do?

Paint thinner tackles many jobs besides thinning paint. You can use it to degrease tools, clean a concrete driveway, and remove stubborn stains from carpet or hardwood floors. It’s perfect for cleaning paintbrushes, rollers, and trays. Want to clean your car’s engine and metal parts? Paint thinner can do the job. For cleaning a build-up of grease in your kitchen, paint thinner is recommended.

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