The Smart Way to Choose a New Exterior Paint Color

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To make your home stand out among trees, choose light colors for the exterior.

The new coffee blend you decide to try out may turn out to be a mistake, but it’s no great loss. However, if you choose exterior paint colors for your home that just don’t look very good, that’s a whole other story. There are some things to consider that can make you an expert at choosing exterior paints which can create an awe-inspiring look.

One secret to doing big projects right is to avoid rushing into anything. Take some time to think things through.

Overall Visual Effect

Consider the overall visual effect you would like to create, from street to landscape to exterior paint colors. If your house is somewhat obscured from the street view and if it sits back among a cluster of sprawling trees, a brighter or light color can help the home stand out. A dark hue, on the other hand, can cause a receding effect.

At Least Three Shades

You’ll want to pick at least three different exterior shades. A field color dominates, accent shades are applied to the shutters and doors, and colors for trim are used on exterior features such as door casings, railings, roof edging, and windows. The biggest contrast is ideally between the field color and the color of the trim. One dramatic effect is to paint the house a light shade and add dark trim. Be aware that bold accent colors such as red or blue may be perfect for the door but may not work as well on the shutters.




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When choosing new colors to paint your home, make sure that you test a small area to make sure that you like the colors before painting the whole house.



Test the Look

You would be ill-advised to choose your exterior paints based on nothing but paint chips. The paint can look significantly different once applied than it looks on the chip. One you’ve decided on colors that you think will be perfect, test them on an inconspicuous part of your home. Look at it in varying weather conditions, and notice how it looks in changing light. Taking this step is the best way to make certain you’ll likely be happy with your new exterior paint for many years.



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Consider the landscaping around your home and choose colors that will compliment the surrounding area.



Consider Interior-Exterior Harmony

Some design experts advise homeowners to choose interior and exterior paint colors which provide a sense of harmony, at least in the entryway of the home. There should be no great shock when entering a home caused by a stark difference between the outside and the inside shades. Instead, create a cohesive, pleasing transition.

Neighborhood Architecture

There’s a good chance that a homeowner’s association in your area will dictate to some extent the exterior paint colors you can choose. If you have complete freedom on choosing colors, it’s best to take the neighborhood as a whole into consideration. If the style you create clashes with the structures around your home, it detracts from the appearance of all of them.

Consider Masonry and the Roof

It’s important to consider features on your home which are already in place before choosing exterior shades. You don’t want the paint colors to clash with the roof, masonry, or railings.


Finally, consider the landscaping before you paint. The most beautiful homes are those which have the perfect landscaping accents to the exterior paint colors.

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