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Making a Small Room Feel Larger

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Do you ever feel overcrowded in your own home, like the walls are coming at you from all angles? The easy answer is get a bigger house. But there are more practical solutions to making a small room feel larger.

The first step, obviously, is remove some of the clutter. Rooms packed to the rafters with “things” are almost certain to create a sense of claustrophobia. But if the room in question is particularly small to begin with, try these ideas to enhance the perception of more space.

Wall colors are difference-makers

No one knows exactly why, but light, airy colors bring about a sense of space. Conversely, vibrant, aggressive colors make you feel like everything’s right on top of you. Give rooms a more open feeling with neutral wall colors such as gentle pastels, soothing grays and the many shades of not-quite white.

When selecting a wall paint, consider the color of your flooring, whether it be carpet, wood, tile or other material. If you can match or at least blend your wall color with the floor color, it will add an even greater sense of space to the room.

Colors for trim

Contrast is good, but stark contrast reveals boundaries, and in a small room, the less boundary-perception the better. Consider softer colors for trim that provide more of a blend than contrast with the wall color. There’s certainly nothing wrong with using the same color for trim and walls, if you want to significantly open up the space.

What about ceilings?

As with walls, dark colors that leap from the surface can bring a crowding effect. Cream, light gray, soft lilac and the many white varieties are good for making ceilings seem taller and farther away.

Is there a place for heavy color?

We’re not recommending that you live in a white-bread house. A little color here and there won’t necessarily make you feel crowded, and it can be a tasteful and beautiful accent. Some people find that a single wall painted in a contrasting color adds nice aesthetics without taking too much away from the effect of other colors and shades designed for a more roomy feel. The trick here is choosing contrast colors within the same family as the dominant colors to create a smooth blend for the eyes.

Professional Paint ContractorsWhat else can you do to make a small room feel larger?

Aside from painting strategies, there are other ways to bring a sense of space to a room:

· Put up some mirrors to reflect space and add depth.

· Opt for more basic and neutral patterns for upholstery, carpet, rugs and the like. Vibrant patterns and designs make things feel tight and close.

· Tall (rather than short and squat) cabinetry extends the perception of height in a room. Same with curtains.

· Furniture can be removed if it’s not really necessary. Like with general clutter, the more furnishings that are in a room, the more cramped it will feel.

These tips should help you create room designs that feel more open and airy. If you need help with any interior painting project, count on Franklin Painting of Connecticut to bring your rooms to life with outstanding workmanship and experienced advice. We’re ready to help at (877) 646-7774.

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