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Increase the Visual Appeal of Your Entryway with Interior Paint

interior paint job farmington ctFirst impressions matter in all kinds of ways, including with your home. For visitors and people who live there, the exterior of the house and the grounds are the first first impression, but a close second is your entryway. It’s the first real inner part of the home that’s seen, and it really does set the mood for everything that happens after. Let’s look at some ways to increase the visual appeal of your entryway with interior paint.

Why re-paint your entryway?

If you feel that the color scheme within your entryway is boring, bland or unsuitable, it’s probably either that the current colors aren’t very welcoming, or the paint is starting to show the effects of aging. In either case, sprucing up isn’t too difficult.

It’s not uncommon for numerous interior re-decorations and paintings to take place over the years with little if any attention paid to the entryway. If you find that your house has changed but the entryway hasn’t kept up with it, a new coat of fresh interior paint can make an immediate and positive difference.

There are a million colors – which should I choose?

This is a question homeowners often struggle with, but it’s really not that difficult to answer. The paint you use for your entryway doesn’t have to exactly match wall paint in the adjacent room or rooms – although it can, if you like it that way. The trick in improving the appearance of an entryway is to use a color scheme that enhances or compliments other colors in the home.

For example, look around the main room for dominant colors in the paint, draperies, wall and window treatments and other color-centric sections. If you have a burgundy-dominant scheme in the main room, you might use some burgundy paint for trim against more neutral-colored walls in the entryway. If the main room off the entryway is pleasantly pastel, recreate some of that mood with tasteful pastel paint in the entryway.

There’s nothing wrong with exact matches

We’ve talked about blending and coordinating colors, but you also can create a beautiful effect by giving your entryway the same color scheme found in other parts of your home. If you’re worried about being too predictable and bland, consider some decorative effects in the entryway such as hanging pictures or unique lighting to give that area its own personality. Wallpapering a single entryway wall is another interesting effect you might consider.

Let your imagination be your guide

interior painting project simsbury ctThe main thing to keep in mind when deciding how to increase the visual appeal of your entryway is that it’s your home, and it should reflect your taste and preferences. There are a gazillion places to learn every paint combination and interior decorating trick on earth, but at the end of the day, you’re the one living in your home, so let your unique style flow and determine what you consider is ideal for your entryway as well as the rest of your home.

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