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How to Make Your Interior Trim Stand Out!

Are you eager to change your home’s color scheme? It might be a good time to repaint the trim. Pure white is the default in most homes, but it isn’t always the best option. Changing the color of your home’s trim can enhance the architectural beauty of your home or draw more attention to your interior design. Check out these four popular unconventional trim color options.

Off White or Cream Trim

Interior House Painting Services in Simsbury, CTIf you want to make your home feel warmer, off-white, or cream trim is the best option. Pure white is a cool color that make your house feel less homey. In contrast, warm whites like cream and off-white can make the rooms feel cozier. Creamy shades of white pair beautifully with warm, neutral-colored walls—like tan or beige—as well as dark colors—like navy blue and forest green. If you have a historic home, softer whites—like antique white, weathered white or old lace—will look more authentic than pure white.


Monochromatic Trim

Painting trim the same color as your walls is another popular option for interior trim. Choosing to paint the trim the same color as the walls will focus attention on the artwork and accessories in the room. This is an especially popular option for living rooms with built-in shelving and dining rooms with chair rails.
trim Painting In in Simsbury, CTAnother monochromatic option is to paint the trim a shade darker or lighter than the walls. This creates an elegant contrast that draws subtle attention to the trim. It looks crisp and modern.

Dramatic Trim

If you have a flair for bold interior design, you can choose a complementary color for the trim. For example, lavender trim against ochre yellow walls is a beautiful color combination for a French-inspired design. Dark Gray trim against light blue walls can make a room look strikingly distinguished. You may be able to pull the color combination straight from textiles in the room, such as bedding or curtains. Black is another dramatic trim option. It is an elegant color that complements ornate trim. It is ideal for older homes with period trim.

Wood Trim

Natural wood trim is another alternative trim option. Natural wood has a warmth that makes any home feel cozier. The beautiful grain of natural wood enhances the trim’s design. If you want your home to have an earthy, contemporary design, natural wood trim is a wonderful option.

These four types of unconventional trim can complement many different interior design styles.  Altering the color of trim is a simple way to update your home. It is the best way to draw more attention to architectural detailing or enhance a room’s ambiance. If you are worried about being too bold, consult a color expert! Franklin Painting includes a free color consultation with every project because we know how difficult it is to choose the perfect colors for your walls and trims.

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