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How a Little Paint Can Increase the Value of Your Home

The perceived worth of your home can get a big boost without painting the entire interior or exterior. We’ve learned how a little paint can increase the value of your home. At Franklin Painting, we’re happy to pass on this budget-friendly secret. Every paint project completed by our professional painters makes a high-quality statement, whether the job is small or large. Therein is the crux of how a little paint can increase the value of your home. Details follow.

Kitchen Cabinet refinishing in hartford CTKitchen Conversion

If your kitchen cabinets are outdated, kitchen cabinet refinishing could turn the tide of homebuyers in your direction. The vibes created by your kitchen cabinets can’t help but be “in your face” because they take up the most space. What could happen if you schedule cabinet refinishing in the room known as the heart of the home? The hearts of potential buyers may go “pitter-patter,” creating a positive emotional connection that sticks.

Could a change in your kitchen cabinets inspire a bidding war? Yes! At Franklin Painting, we have long been perfecting the art of transforming cabinets so that they look brand new and stylishly amazing. Our staff colorist could help you choose colors for your kitchen cabinets and walls that will further add to the overall appeal of your kitchen makeover. After it’s done, you may even explore whether it’s necessary to move at all.

Tackle Tricky Wall Colors or Design

The number one way a little paint can increase the value of your home is to eliminate painting faux pas. It is widely recognized that it is difficult to sell a home when walls are anything but neutral. Black walls, rooms wall-papered with a unique* (*code for unsightly) pattern or theme, and other features that display personal preferences could be deal-breakers. This is another way of saying that it’s important to make it easy for homebuyers to picture the space as their very own.

Color schemes throughout a home can impact the total effect positively or negatively. So, it’s vital to have the input of professionals even when paint color changes are made in some rooms but not others. Griege is a neutral color and is among the potential options for updating your home. In other words, you don’t have to settle for “boring” as you change the pet projects you’ve enjoyed (or put up with) in your home.

exterior paining preparation in Canton CTUpdate Exterior Trim

It is sometimes the case that fresh paint and repairs are only needed on exterior trim, in water-damaged areas, or where wood rot has occurred. Professional painters always tackle these issues as prep for painting a home exterior. So, their expert patch-type work may give your home the curb-appeal upgrade it needs. 

Increase the Value of Your Central Connecticut Home

Do you wonder why Franklin Painting isn’t afraid to share how a little paint can increase the value of your home? We care about our customers! If it’s feasible, we think it’s smart to spend less getting your home ready for a new buyer. We’ve continued to take on projects of all sizes, and customers know we deliver high-quality results every time. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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