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6 Reasons Hiring Pros for Exterior House Painting Makes Sense

rocky hill ct exterior pro paintersWhen it’s time to add a fresh coat of paint to your home, hiring professionals for exterior house painting is likely the best decision you could make. Typically, the only reason for a do-it-yourself paint job is to try to save money. If, however, you want to ensure best possible curb appeal for your house and for all of the reasons below, it makes sense to leave exterior house painting to the experts.

1. Paint Color Insights

There is no need to stress out over the colors you choose to paint your home exterior when you have professional painters helping you. Experts have insights on such things as trending colors and appropriate color schemes for particular architectural styles. They can even help you judge whether the impact of sun and shade on your home will complement the paint colors you are considering.

2. Surface Prep

Professionals know what to look for to ensure that a home is prepared for exterior painting and to achieve best possible results. Experts will identify dents, cracks, and other evidence that maintenance is needed. A major factor in achieving successful exterior house painting is preparation. Carpentry work is often needed, as well as sanding, patching, and rot repair. If surface preparation is substandard, the quality of the finish and longevity of the paint will be, too.

3. Professional  Painting Equipment

When you hire experts such as the experienced painters at Franklin Painting LLC, you can be confident that correct tools of the highest quality will be used on your home. Professional painters not only have all of the equipment they need to complete an exterior house painting job with excellence from start to completion, they know how to use the tools safely and efficiently.

4. Fully Insured

It’s difficult for a do-it-yourselfer to do a perfect job on an exterior paint job. If mistakes are made, you have no guarantees to cover related expenses. When fully insured professionals do the work, you don’t need to hold your breath about anything. The work will be guaranteed with a warranty, as long as you hire the right professional painting company.

5. Convenience

Tackling an exterior house painting project is a headache for do-it-yourselfers. Instead of going through all the stress, work, and bother involved with painting your own home exterior, you can enjoy the convenience of having the job done speedily by professionals. Because of their experience and the fact that they are equipped with everything needed to be efficient and do work of the highest quality, hiring professionals for exterior house painting makes the most sense.

6. Professional Quality

Achieving a professional quality paint job could be compared to any other work performed by an expert. Photos taken at a wedding by a trained, qualified photographer, for example, are of unmistakably high quality. When you paint your home, the exterior paint job is something you will be looking at for years. Expert painters with years of experience achieve work of unsurpassed quality. They are also most likely to provide the most lasting paint job possible. Using top-quality paint is a must, but only a paint job done at an expert level will give the work the greatest longevity.

exterior home painting in middletown ctWho to Hire for Professional Exterior House Painting

Franklin Painting has been providing homeowners with unsurpassed workmanship and outstanding customer service for more than 30 years. If you live anywhere in or around Central Connecticut, hire Franklin Painting for the best professional exterior house painting services.

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