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Creative & Colorful Bathroom Ideas

Are you tired of your bathroom’s design? You aren’t alone. Bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms to remodel. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a renovation, you can transform your bathroom by updating the paint color! Changing the color of the walls or cabinet colors can make you feel like you’re getting ready in a new room.

The color of your walls impacts your mood. You can choose paint colors that will make you feel relaxed or energized in the space. If you want to turn your bathroom into a calming retreat, choose light, natural colors like a soothing sage or blushing pink. If you’d like your guest bathroom to pop, add a splash of fuchsia to the walls or a playful blue-green tone. A cheerful color like yellow is terrific for a kid’s bathroom or guest bathroom.

Tips for Transforming Your Bathroom

Reimagine your bathroom with one of these creative and colorful ideas.

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#1. Refresh the Cabinets

You can upgrade your bathroom by repainting the cabinets and built-ins. Many people brighten their bathrooms by painting the cabinets a vibrant color that stands out against neutral walls. You could choose a dark shade that complements the wall color or create a monochromatic theme with a shade similar to the walls but deeper.

#2. Choose a Statement Shade

For a bold bathroom redesign, choose a statement color. You don’t have to paint the entire bathroom this shade. You could cover one wall with coordinating wallpaper and the rest with your statement color or use this color for the cabinets. You can then pick out new bathroom accessories complimenting your statement color or a similar shade to pull the room together. 

#3. Stick with Two Tones

If you want a bathroom with a sleek and modern look, consider sticking with two tones. You can use a two-tone theme to draw attention to beautiful tile work or simply make a statement. Black and white are the most popular color pairing, along with ivory and navy blue. This bold, elegant bathroom design will make your bathroom feel luxurious. 

bathroom paint, simsbury ct#4. Add Color in Unexpected Places

Another way to brighten your bathroom is by adding pops of color in unexpected places. You could paint the door or trim in the bathroom a color that stands out. Or repaint the edges of a mirror.

If you are looking for color inspiration, check out our list of the Paint Colors that Will Reign Supreme in 2021! Or get in touch with us to speak with one of our color experts! Franklin Painting works with residents in Farmington, Connecticut, and the surrounding area to transform their homes with a fresh paint coat. We offer a free, 90-minute color consultation with every job to ensure you find the color that’s perfect for your interior home improvement project.

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