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Choosing a Beautiful Color Scheme for Your Home

beautiful paint color schemes in farmington ctHouse painting is really two jobs: putting the paint on the surfaces, and, first, choosing what kind of paint to use.  It’s the second job that tends to baffle most folks.  There are so many colors available and so many mix-and-match combinations, where does one start?

You don’t have to be an artist or a color-wizard to come up with a pleasing color scheme that brings continuity and personality to the interior of your home.  Here are a few tips to get you thinking in the right directions – and remember, you can always consult a professional if you run into a roadblock.

1. Light or dark.  That seems elementary, but it really is a good place to start.  Do you want your living spaces to be generally light and airy, or more on the subdued and serious side?

2. Vivid and neutral ratio.  Picture the end result of your paint job, taking into account the color tones of your current furnishings and wall treatments.  If you already have a lot of brilliant color going on, you might want to edge toward softer, gentler paint colors.  Whereas if your home is sparsely furnished in a modernistic, minimalist motif, some brighter colors might work well.

3. Consider the big room.  In most cases, this is the living room, and it’s from this room that a color scheme can naturally flow.  Determine the colors and combinations that are ideal for this big room, then base choices throughout the house on that.

4. Write it down.  Create a blueprint of sorts for room colors.  By making a general (however crude) drawing of your floorplan, you’ll be able to know what rooms or parts of rooms are visible from other rooms and plan your coloring accordingly.  Your blueprint should include all the details necessary for walls, ceiling, trim and accents so there’s no guesswork when painting starts.

5. Entry ways, landings and hallways.  These connecting spaces often look best when painted with neutral colors (beige, light yellow, off-white, etc.) so that the colors of the rooms to which they connect will stand out more.

6. Should every room have the same color walls?  Same-color rooms will bring stronger continuity within the home, but different, complimentary shades also work well.  There’s nothing wrong with the same handsome color on all the walls of a home, but a varied color scheme room-to-room might add just the personality and pizazz you’re after.

7. Different shades from the same color.  An easy way to select a color scheme is to take three shades from the same main color.  When you determine the base color you want, consider using the lightest shade for ceilings, very small areas and connecting spaces; medium shades for the walls; and vibrant shades for trim and accents.  This is the easiest way to go and produces a very nice result.

nice paint colors in farmington ctThe thing with paint color is that there are no absolute rules, just guidelines.  The most important element in creating a wonderful interior color arrangement is thinking ahead and doing some planning.  Leave as little to chance as possible, and you’ll amaze yourself more often than not.

For any painting project, Franklin Painting of Farmington, Conn., is ready to help with expert workmanship, deep knowledge of colors and paint types, and industry-leading service.  If you’d like a quote for an upcoming project, you can reach a helpful associate at (877) 646-7774.



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