Ceiling Paint Color Trends That Aren’t White

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When planning a home interior painting project, many homeowners concentrate most of their efforts on selecting the paint color for their walls and doors leaving their ceilings white. However, times are changing, and more homeowners are painting their ceilings in various colors that aren’t white.

ceiling paint, Farmington CTPainting the ceiling also adds a personal touch that can transform the space to create the atmosphere you desire. You can use different paint color choices and shades to make a room appear larger or more quaint, vibrant, or tranquil. The choice is yours. You can also paint the ceiling a different color in each room to achieve the desired effect. Of course, you can paint your ceiling the same color as your walls or a lighter or darker contrasting color. Not sure which color other than white to choose for your ceiling?

Here are some of the most popular ceiling paint colors:

Chic Black

When you want to make a bold statement, a black ceiling is hard to beat. Painting the ceiling a bold shade of black (Midnight by Benjamin Moore) can have a dramatic effect when combined with bright or white walls and light furnishings with hints of black. It gives the living space a classy and sophisticated appearance. A black ceiling also makes rooms with high ceilings appear lower creating a more intimate space.

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Sky Blue

Painting porch colors in shades of blue has been a Southern tradition for generations. Bringing the color of the sky indoors is a growing trend and is an excellent ceiling color choice. A sky-blue (Mediterranean Sky by Benjamin Moore) ceiling is a perfect choice for a bedroom, bathroom, or any room where you want to create a natural or tranquil appearance.

Sophisticated Gray

Gray is one of the most popular home décor colors for a good reason. It’s a neutral color choice that matches well with other colors and furnishings. Its wide range of shades makes it one of the most versatile paint colors. A light gray (Gentle Gray by Benjamin Moore) ceiling gives your master bedroom, living room, or any other room in your home a stylish appearance, especially when painting interior walls in a contrasting color.

Lively Red

Red is a fun and vibrant ceiling color that accentuates the space like an accent wall. Lighter shades of red like Persimmon by Benjamin Moore has hints of purple for a spicy ceiling paint color that will add pizazz to any living space. It complements neutral furnishings and flooring, making it an excellent ceiling color choice for the living room, dining room, or bedrooms.

When it comes to selecting a ceiling paint color, the options are practically endless. It comes down to the style and preference you desire. An interior painting specialist can help you choose the perfect ceiling color that will complement your home and interior furnishings.

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