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Dining Room Paint Colors That Defy Trends

Selecting interior paint colors is a difficult choice for many homeowners when updating their home interior. Many homeowners often wonder whether they should use one neutral paint color for the entire house or choose different paint colors for rooms like the dining room. 

Painting the dining room in an accentuating color not only gives it a distinguished appearance but is also an opportunity to match the mood to suit your lifestyle.  Here are ten dining room paint colors that are defying the trend.

Deep Blue Painting ideas for a dining roomDeep Blue

Perhaps no other dining room paint color defies trends more than blue. It’s a popular shade for bedrooms and bathrooms, but its vibrancy and calming effects make it an excellent color choice for the dining room. Interior designers consider the rich blue hues the new neutral because it complements any interior furnishings. Whether it’s Benjamin Moore’s Mysterious or Clare’s Deep Dive, it will accentuate the dining room with a relaxing vibe that is perfect when family and friends get together for
a delicious meal.

Chic Green

The sophisticated shades of green make it a stylish paint color choice for dining rooms. The neutral undertones of Contemplative, Pratt & Whitney’s 2021 Color of the Year, is the perfect shade for elegant and modern formal dining rooms. On the other hand, the soft tone of Clare’s Avocado Toast is a fun and festive color choice for casual dining rooms that will create an energetic atmosphere. It also pairs well with natural wood furnishings.

Lively Orange

When updating interior spaces with a bold color, think orange. The vibrancy of a golden orange Summer Squash (Portola Paints) is hard to beat when you want to create a dazzling dining room with a fresh, modern twist. For something a little spicier, Pumpkin Spice (Benjamin Moore) is an appealing paint color with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg undertones that will complement any dining room décor.

red interior paint, essex ctBold Red

Don’t be afraid to be bold with red. The elegance and deeper shade of Candy Apple (Glidden) will give your dining room a romantic and luxurious appearance that will pair nicely with your contemporary décor.  The intensity of Rose Wine (Behr) strikes the perfect balance that is neither too red nor too pink, making it a harmonious paint color choice for homeowners with discerning palettes.

Warm Brown

The warm, earthy tones of brown are an attractive paint color choice for a traditional dining room. The richness of Hot Chocolate (Benjamin Moore) is a satisfying and delightful neutral paint color that complements any decor. With its delicate red undertones, the light and airy Cinnamon Cake (Valspar) will elevate any traditional dining room with an elegant and sophisticated paint appearance.

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