Bathroom Painting Tips and Ideas

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Transform your bathroom into a tranquil hideout with a bathroom inspired by nature.

For some people, the bathroom is a virtual sanctuary.  Alicia Keys said, “If I want to be alone, someplace I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom.”  Have you considered changing your bathroom décor so that it’s transformed into your very own serene haven?

There are limitless possibilities for bathroom painting jobs.  No rules apply except choosing a paint that can withstand moisture; the important thing is to select the colors and design that appeal to you.  The right paint color and a few decorative accents can create a pleasurable environment.  There are a few questions you may want to ask.

Is Special Bathroom Paint Necessary?

water droplets
Due to the high moisture in bathrooms, the paint you choose must withstand high humidity.

All bathrooms have one thing in common:  They get wet.  Not all paint types can withstand the kind of humidity created by baths and showers.  With bathroom painting, it is essential to avoid paints that tend to develop mold due to excessive moisture.  There are special paints designed primarily for use in bathrooms. For example, Sherman Williams offers a bathroom paint with a 5-year guarantee; it’s called Bath Paint and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.  There are many stylish, appealing colors to choose from.

Regular Paint Finishes Are Suitable?

Flat paint

This paint is great for areas with low traffic. However, the bathroom is not usually the place for this matte finish, particularly because flat paint absorbs moisture. One exception is Benjamin Moore’s Aura® Bath And Spa Matte Finish; it’s formulated for humid environments and does not absorb moisture like typical flat paint.

Satin paint

With a touch of gloss, satin paint is a fine choice for rooms with low moisture levels. So, an infrequently used guest bathroom or a powder room could be painted with a satin finish, and there should be no problem.

Semi-gloss paint

According to experts, semi-gloss is an excellent paint sheen suitable for any bathroom painting job. It repels moisture well enough to withstand everyday bathroom use.

High-gloss paint

This is as good at repelling moisture as if your walls were shielded with a layer of plastic.  However, while it’s ideal for trim work and cabinetry, most people agree that high gloss paint doesn’t look good when applied to walls.  It may be too reflective for a tranquil bathroom design.

Which Paint Color Should I Choose?


color scheme
The only rule when choosing a color scheme is to pick a color combination you love.

Your choice of paint color for the bathroom will undoubtedly make the most difference in how much you enjoy the new design.  One rule of thumb is that dark colors cause a space to feel more closed in, but some variations can make a valid exception to this rule.  Just remember, your personal preference is the priority.  It would be best to choose the style and color scheme that will make you happy.  Eight ideas follow:

Bring the ambiance of a luxury spa into your home. Shades of white used on trim add crispness to the appearance of any room; it’s a good choice for the bathroom.  Create this serene effect using the following Benjamin Moore paints:  Fresh Start Primer underneath the cover coat; Aura®Matte 522 Feather Gray for the walls, and Aura Semi-Gloss 528 in Wedding Veil for the trim.

For a bright and friendly look in sunny colors, choose a two-tone wall paint design in shades of applesauce and banana cream; use a cream color for the trim and baseboards.

Would you like to go bold with a bathroom design especially for kids?  Paint the walls a bright orange and the cabinets a cheery shade of turquoise.  Complete the look with an artistic touch – add colorful butterflies or frogs leaping onto lily pads.

If you think shades of blue are just right, go with an oceanic theme and a touch of whimsy with your accessories.  Use two shades of blue for the walls and a blue-white shade for the trim.

Create an ideal atmosphere for long soaks in the bathtub while you enjoy music or read a good book.  Use paint colors of blues, yellows, and grays for a restful, relaxing bathroom.

For an unabashedly romantic bathroom, choose a deep shade of rose with tones of orange for the walls and pure white trim.  The look you’ll create will also evoke the stateliness of royalty.

Why not create the feeling of visiting the shore during summertime?  Choose crisp, vibrant colors that evoke a tropical shoreline.

If nothing else inspires you, modernize a classic and choose a strong neutral shade from Benjamin Moore’s Pottery Barn Collection. Their shade, Storm, is swirly and stormy and will add a class look to your washroom.

Whether you want to create a serene atmosphere in blues inspired by tranquil waters, a bold look that could wake the dead, or something in between, you can find the perfect paint color for your bathroom. For further guidance in designing the color scheme of your room, the professional painters at Franklin Painting are experienced designers. They will gladly help you with a color consultation or any other questions.

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