A New Year, a New Hue – Color Trends for 2016

Yellow Paint

2016 Paint Color TrendsAre you getting a little bored with the colors within your home? Do you want to turn drab into delightful? It’s not hard to do, especially when you check out some fantastic paint colors that design experts believe will trend heavily in 2016.

Purple and Lilac

While these shades are sometimes thought of as childish (thanks, Barney!), they can transform a dull room with sharp, delightful colors if used correctly. Take a regal step forward with these lush paints.

Milky Blue

Blue is an intense color in its most common incarnation, but why not soften the experience with a seductive off-blue shade? This gentler blue brings a sense of comfort and relaxation to any room.

Alabaster White

Guess what shade was Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year for 2016? The paint manufacturer calls Alabaster White “understated and alluring.” You’ll agree when you set off some hot colors with this versatile off-white paint.

Parma Gray

Don’t let the word “gray” throw you off. This particular shade is replete with hints of blue and lavender. It’s a great color that will complement many other colors you want in your home.

Fiololi Dark Iris

The traditional black-white contrast is eased up a little with this brilliant dark iris shade with a hint of purple. Perfect for trim and accenting, this color will go a long way in making a stunning statement.

Dark Teal

This Benjamin Moore creation is a little more specialized but still versatile within its wide palette of color matches. It’s a beautiful shade for walls or trim and complements everything from handsome wood to stark white walls.


This is a very rich and robust color from Sherwin-Williams. Use it in entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else a little strength is desired.

Pink Ballet Slipper

This lovely color from Glidden is a powdery pink that seems to get more popular yearly. A perfect accent color or ideal for entire walls, the Pink Ballet Slipper will quickly infuse softness into any space.

Yellow Paint - Painting Trends 2016Funky Yellow

From Sherwin-Williams, this yellow is a hot trend. Its green base makes it, well, funky. It’s a warm, versatile color that’s easy to live with and strangely comforting.

Cream Delight

Cream Delight from Valspar is a good choice if you love color but prefer traditional looks. You can use this color to draw in more light from the sun, and because of its neutral hues, it can match a huge variety of trim and contrast colors.

These are some of the interior paint colors we expect to see growing in popularity throughout 2016. Do you need help with an indoor painting project this winter? The experienced Franklin Painting of Connecticut crews are standing by to bring color and zest into your home. Call us at (877) 646-7774.

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