7 Outdoor Painting Projects

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outdoor painting projects in farmington ctA great way to update your outdoor setting is with fresh paint. Whether some leftover paint is stored away or there is a specific color scheme you want to use for your outdoor living area, there are many terrific outdoor painting projects you can choose from. The following are seven great ideas for outdoor painting.

1 – Paint your metal bistro set

You may choose a glossy or matte finish and enjoy lasting results when you paint your outdoor metal bistro set. Seating and eating areas in your backyard make it more accessible as an extension of your living space. Adding a color scheme that appeals to your personal taste is the secret to finding enthusiasm about any outdoor painting project.

2 – Update the picnic table

Weathered picnic tables tend to look drab and uninviting. A fresh coat of colorful paint can inject a joyous feel that attracts friends and family members of all ages. If you’re looking to save on costs with your outdoor painting project, keep in mind that you can use old leftover paint as the base coat, if it’s not the final color you want for the picnic table.

3 – Paint the patio swing

All outdoor wooden pieces wear down over time, due to continued exposure to the elements. Even the most charming backyard patio swing can lose its luster. By adding a new coat of paint, you give added life and durability to the exposed wood and a fresh look to your patio.

4 – Paint the fencing

Any outdoor feature that starts to look tired and dilapidated takes away from the whole setting. Fences can cover a lot of ground. Painting your fence will brighten it up and improve overall curb appeal. Your neighbors will probably appreciate it, and visitors will definitely be impressed.

5 – Paint the front door

For an outdoor paint project that really makes your home stand out in an exciting new way, why not paint your front door? There are few ways as effective at making a house really stand out as a stylishly out-of-the-box front door. Feel free to consult with paint professionals at Franklin Painting for advice, if you are unsure whether a color you’ve chosen fits with the style of your home and the other colors on the exterior.

6 – Stain or paint your deck

The outdoor surfaces homeowners walk on are often overlooked, even though they are continually exposed to foot traffic and extreme elements. When neglected, deck materials can begin to warp and make for an unsteady surface. Deck painting and deck staining are excellent outdoor projects, since they can also help with safety. One of the secrets of success when staining a deck is to use a quality sealer and stain that will penetrate the wood grain and create a durable seal that protects the wood from damaging moisture.

farmington ct great looking outdoor painting7 – Paint your wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is a much-loved staple for the front or back porch. Over time, repainting is needed, to restore the original luster. Paint your wicker furniture in the beautiful color of your choice and keep in mind that lacquer is a great finish for this project.

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