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Why Top Quality Paint is Worth the Expense

quality exterior painting in farmington ctThere can be tough decisions associated with painting your home’s interior or exterior, largely about which colors to choose. One decision that it’s best to start with up front is to buy only top quality paint. This can be a tricky issue because sometimes price alone doesn’t determine that a certain paint brand or type is the right kind for you to choose for your project.  Insights are below, as to why it’s worth the cost and necessary research to ensure you are using only top quality paint.

Choosing top quality exterior paint

Exterior paints are obviously under constant stress, since they are exposed to the outdoor elements, including extreme weather conditions. There have been some remarkable improvements in exterior paints over the past decade or so. Exterior paint is more durable than ever, and it is less prone to fade and crack.

Extensive testing has been done to determine which types of exterior paint stand up best to the constant onslaught of weather. The best exterior paints have the following qualities:

·      More total solids, which also means pigments plus resins

·      Fewer solvents than paints of a lower quality

·      Additives that both improve paint application and provide protective qualities

Pigments are finely ground particles, and they give paint opacity and the ability to hide the surface the paint is applied to.

Resins are also called “binders” and they are the components of paint that hold the colorants and pigments in place after the paint has dried.

Solvents are needed because they help get the paint from the brush to the wall. Solvents evaporate as paint dries.

Additives are chemicals added to paint that affect a range of things, including resistance to mildew.

All that being said, the bottom line on exterior paint is that the paints of the highest quality for the exterior are 100% acrylic; and it’s usually safe to say that buying the most expensive paint for your home’s exterior will produce best possible, most durable results. Inexpensive exterior paint lasts about three or four years, whereas quality paint can be expected to last ten or more years.

Why top quality interior paint should always be used

High quality 100% acrylic latex interior paint is worth the extra cost because it is better at all of the following:

·      The “binder” in these paints are superior, helping them grip any surface

·      Concealing the color beneath with fewer coats of paint

·      Spatter resistance during application

·      Flow of application, resulting in roller and brush marks becoming unnoticeable

·      Resistant to stains, including grime and dirt

·      Scrub-resistant, meaning you can scrub without damaging the paint

·      Burnish resistant, meaning the paint doesn’t get shiny after being scrubbed

·      Less prone to sticking, such as when it’s difficult to open a window after paintinginterior painting done with quality in farmington ct

·      Touch-ups are easier to make, while being less noticeable

·      Resistant to becoming imprinted when objects are placed on them

·      More effective resistance to mildew

·      More resistant to fading

Top quality paint and painters

If you want both top quality paint and the best professional painters, contact us at Franklin Painting. We only use the best products, and we provide expert services that are guaranteed.

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