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7 Calming Paint Colors to Soothe Your Soul

What’s in a color? We often discuss colors based on our likes and dislikes, but colors also have psychological and emotional effects that can alter our mood. Bright reds, for example, tend to make some people more anxious while pastels offer a calming influence. So, if you’re feeling a bit anxious, try these calming paint colors to create a relaxing oasis in your home.

Professional Interior House Painting Services In Simsbury, CTSoothing Gray

While some people may think of gray as gloomy and dull, it can have soothing effects when applied in various rooms. Gray is a neutral and versatile color that will provide a cooling finish to create a comforting living space, bedroom, or office. You can also create a beautiful contrast with gray cabinets and white walls in your kitchen. An excellent example to use as a reference point is Benjamin Moore® Stonington Gray, which is part of their tranquil paint collection.

Tranquil Blue

Spending some solitary time outdoors under a clear blue sky with the sounds of the ocean waves in the background is a very tranquil experience. So, it’s no surprise blue is one of the most popular calming colors. It is also used in color therapy to trigger clarity, tranquility, and purity. For instance, you can use BEHR® Sky Blue to create a calming space in your bedroom and any other room in your home where you want to relax. You don’t have to stick to the same shade, and you can use different soft blue hues for different rooms. 

Comforting Greens

Green hues are earthy colors that are perfect for invoking a classic and antique look in your living space. It tends to reduce anxiety in some individuals since it is often associated with places where many people relax with nature, like parks and forests. You can select any green shade, but pale greens, like BEHR® Jojoba in their Zen Bedroom collection, are among the most relaxing.

Classic White

Professional House Painters in Simsbury, CTWhites can be a very soothing color because they maximize natural light brightening up a living space. Choose soft, clean, and vibrant shades of white, like Shermin-Williams Soothing White, but avoid using overly bright hues. Creamy white paint colors, such as BEHR® Silky White, are perfect for creating a warmer interior living space.

Soft Pink

Soft pink hues can be very peaceful and comforting. Choose a soft pastel shade on the lighter shade and avoid red overtones because they can be overly stimulating. Soft pinks will make any room feel welcoming. Benjamin-Moore Touch of Pink and Sherwin-Williams Intimate White are excellent examples.

Calming Lavender

Lavender is a blend of white and violet, and it symbolizes the freshness of youth. Lavender features a spectrum of colors, from soft pinks, light purples, to grays. Select a shade that is not overly dark, like Valspar® Dusty Lavender, to enjoy the stress-relieving effects of lavender in any room where you want to create a soothing space. Pair it with a white hue or a light gray for a stunning contrast.

Peaceful Violet

Violet, with its more definite blue undertones, symbolizes peace and strength. It is also praised for restoring balance in the body, and violet light is thought to make meditation more powerful. You can use violet to paint accent walls and gallery frames or create a calming environment in your bedroom. When you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home Valspar® Purple Royalty, and BEHR® Plush Purple won’t disappoint.



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