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5 Welcoming Front Door Colors Plus their Meaning

If you’re looking for a shortcut for improving your home’s curb appeal, look no further than the front door. A new coat of paint that adds tasteful contrast to the rest of the exterior can make your home standout. The added touch of personality could attract buyers more quickly, too, if you’re trying to sell. Choosing the right paint color for your front door can create a highly appealing accent. The following provides information about some great exterior door paint colors plus what those colors can convey about your home and/or your personality.


There are many shades of green that may add just the right splash of color on your home. Whether you choose a subtle or a bold shade of green, it should create an atmosphere of warmth. If you take the green in your landscaping into account when you choose the green exterior door paint, you could even more effectively enhance the final look. The color should complement or blend in with the surroundings; avoid a clash of hues.

A green door might suggest that the people within are ambitious and good with their finances, since green is the color of money.


Blue Toile (784) by Benjamin Moore is a rich mid-tone blue that makes a perfect exterior door paint color. It is both warm and inviting and has a hint of green. The shade is more fitting for the exterior than a bold blue shade, which can look harsh against the green of outdoor landscaping.

Blue Toile is very similar to turquoise, a shade that indicates emotional balance and dreaming big, perhaps romantic, dreams.


There are also many shades of yellow or gold, and most of them could be ideal paint colors for your exterior door. A yellow door looks especially appealing when the home also has black shutters. An example is Benjamin Moore’s Bold Yellow (336). For Victorian homes and other traditional styles, however, a more neutral shade of yellow is usually better than a bright shade like Bold Yellow.

A yellow door suggests that the homeowner is creative and logical with an uplifting attitude. It also gives a hint that a morning person lives within.


Red is an excellent color choice for fans of feng shui home styling. A red exterior door suggests that the homeowner is likely succeeding at living life to the fullest. Getting the right shade of red can be a bit tricky. It’s good to consult a professional, when in doubt.

If your home’s door is red, it suggests that you are welcoming, comfortable with receiving a lot of attention, and enjoy entertaining.


painting front doors in farmington ctBenjamin Moore’s Night Train (1567) is a cultivated, complex shade with a smoky undertone. It is both refined and cosmopolitan. This could be the ideal door color to inject a shot of elegance to the overall look of your exterior.

A grayish door could suggest indecisiveness, but the bluish shade adds a more positive message. Blue speaks of peace, a love of truth, and a well-grounded individual.

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