3 Exterior Paint Color Mistakes and 3 Interior Paint Colors to Avoid

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exterior paint colors in west hartford ct The paint on your home’s exterior and interior is one of  the single most crucial factors that impact the overlook of your home. There are exterior paint color mistakes that should be avoided if you want your home to shine with undeniable curb appeal. There are also several paint colors in the interior of a home that can lower its value. Three of each are below.

3 Exterior Paint Color Mistakes

Ask any experienced real estate agent, and they can tell you that certain exterior painting mistakes can seriously slow down the sale of a home. Of course, you don’t have to want to sell your home to desire maximum curb appeal. For optimal impact with your exterior house painting, avoid the following three mistakes:

1. Painting a house is a large, valuable, and expensive undertaking that, done correctly, can last for 7 to 10 years. You don’t want to paint your home in colors that don’t end up working together as expected. It’s a mistake to fail to sample the colors on your home before having professionals paint it or before doing it yourself. Colors can look completely different in a store as compared with how they look on a house with sun shining on it. While testing the colors, notice how they look in shade, as well.

2. Failing to consider an accent color for your front door is definitely a missed opportunity. Front doors can accentuate the home’s architectural style, add adornment that catches the eye, or simply pull together the overall color scheme in a dramatic way. The color of your front door actually communicates a message about your home. Explore the possibilities, so that your front door message suits you and your family.

3. The landscaping around your home can have a significant impact on how the paint looks. When choosing exterior paint colors, consider the colors of the foliage all around. If you don’t, your carefully planted landscaping could end up clashing with the new paint.

3 Interior Paint Colors to Avoid

Research was done on thousands of homes for sale that revealed some valuable information about interior paint colors. There was a pattern among buyers in that certain colors on interior walls were undesirable and often led to homes selling for lower than estimated prices. The following is information about interior paint colors and how they can negatively impact the sale of a home:

1. The research revealed that the issue of paint color wasn’t always strictly about the color itself but also where in the home the color was painted. If a dining room was painted slate gray, a home lost approximately $1,000 in value in the final sale. If, on the other hand, a living room was painted a light shade of gray, homes generally sold for approximately $1,000 over the list price.

2. Although white is generally considered a color with universal appeal, eggshell or off-white rooms proved to be unpopular with home buyers. There are many colors of white to choose from, and the shade chosen can make a huge difference in overall effect. Expert designers agree that in small spaces, white walls can be uninviting.

3. Shades of terracotta have minimal appeal with homebuyers. Research showed that a seller with a living room painted in a shade of terracotta sold for about $800 below the projected price.

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